I have chosen to make some yearly goals as many other bloggers do. Whether you call them resolutions or goals there is an interesting history behind making plans to change in the new year. This article enlightened me on the history of resolutions.
So here is my list of goals. Some are new and some are just continuing what I have been doing this past year. Did you make goals for the New Year? 
2013 Goals
1. Exercise 3 times a week
2. Stick to my cleaning schedule
3. Finish reading through the Bible
4. Read 1 new book each month
5. Submit a devotional book I have written to 3 publishers.
1. Keep piano lesson plans
2. Finish Deerstream lesson plans before weekend
1. Finish lesson plans before weekend
2. Incorporate calendar time daily
3. Regularly complete Friday art projects
4. Create 1 radio drama with the girls
5. Blog two times a week in addition to reviews
6. Have read-aloud time each day
1. Try 1 new recipe each month
2. Have family game night 2 times a month
3. Plan a family adventure 1 time each month 
1. Read through Psalms together
2. Read 1 marriage book together
3. Plan 1 date each month

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