How things change…

When the girls were little I found blogging about our homeschooling adventures super easy! There was always something fun to talk about and share. My girls are still super fun, but the homeschooling aspect has just changed so much over the years. As of this summer I now have a senior, a sophomore, and a 7th grader. WHAT!?!?! How did that happen anyway? You know the saying that the days go slowly but the years so fast? Yeah, it’s true!

Our first year homeschooling

Easter Sunday, 2022

Grace, 12 years old – finishing up 6th grade
Grace is getting SO tall! The recent photo was on Easter Sunday and she’s grown another inch or so since then! She’s excited to be moving into the middle school division of our homeschool learning center for science next year. She is a busy, busy girl and enjoys board games, basketball, clogging, cooking, hanging out with friends, and generally being active!

Beth, 14 years old – finishing up 9th grade
Beth is growing in grace and beauty. She shared with me the other day that her two greatest dreams are to be a mommy and to take care of animals. She’s particularly interested in animal training, breeding, and raising goats. She recently completed driver’s ed and is waiting for her 15th birthday to be able to complete the driving portion. She loves clogging, hanging out on our friends’ farm, writing novels, reading, and hanging out with friends

Rose, 16 years old – finishing up 11th grade
This year has brought a number of major changes for Rose. After the pandemic restrictions limited availability for driver’s ed, she was able to obtain her permit a week after her 16th birthday. She got her license 6 months later after completing the 60 hours of driving. That seems like A LOT, but in the fall of 2021 she started classes at a community college 45 minutes away. 3 drives out and back a week helped rack up those driving hours! She has absolutely soared in that environment, has a 4.0 GPA, and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the National Honor Society for community colleges. She also volunteered as a teacher’s aid at our homeschool learning center with a fabulous master teacher. This has only cemented her desire to study education after high school. In addition to ALL of these things, she enjoys clogging, teaching clogging to young kids, basketball, research, and all things artistic.

So what am I doing now? I’m overseeing their education. It’s a weird season if I’m completely honest. Gone are the days where we snuggle on the couch for a reading lesson or lay out counters for mathematics. I’m finding I’m packing up a lot of my teaching materials (being saved for the future for their children at their request!) because we haven’t used them in years. My role has changed. I’m more of a facilitator of learning than direct teacher. I’m also finding our conversations of late are much deeper and about harder things. Do I miss the old days? Sometimes, but these moments are even more precious as we look and plan for the future together.

Piano recital, May 2022

Over the last year I’ve also realized I want to refocus my blog and head towards my passion of writing. I’m making plans, but not certain what that will look like yet. I’ll still update on our life and education, but my dream of authorship has been moving forward with baby steps over the last 4-5 years and I’m ready to push forward. You can check out my author’s corner here to see what I’ve been up to in that area. You might just have read one of my articles or used some of my literature curriculum!

Until next time…

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