Pixel Scrapper: A Memory Keeper’s Dream Come True!

Travel back with me to Christmas 2006. I had one sweet 16-month-old daughter, busy as can be. I had joyfully discovered during Thanksgiving a few weeks earlier that I was expecting another baby, due the following summer. My sister-in-law (also my best friend) was showing me her beautiful scrapbook of her own 16-month-old daughter, my niece. I was in awe of what beautiful books of memories she had created. She took a lot of time to tell me about her process. For Christmas, she and my in-laws outfitted me with everything I would need to start traditional scrapbooking, and oh how I dove in! 

Fast-forward to 2010. I had now had three daughters, ages 5, 3, and 1. Traditional scrapbooking had become rather non-existent in this wonderful world of mine with three busy little ladies around me all the time. I was saddened by this but figured I would get around to it again…eventually. 

I honestly have no idea how I discovered digital scrapbooking, but I stumbled upon it somehow and researched it until I felt comfortable giving it a shot. I purchased a now obsolete program and set off on my journey into digital scrapbooking. Now, 10 years later, I have created hundreds of layouts, full scrapbooks, and more. When I began, I looked for what I could find for free. It was a lot of random searching, and not the easiest way to start. Still, I did not have a lot of extra money to invest at the time and it was the best choice. 

I discovered Digitalscrapbook.com in 2015. I believe someone mentioned it in a thread on a message board for digital scrapbookers. It was like a dream come true! This treasure-trove was a discovery I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on this wonderful site. 

Pixel Scrapper describes itself as… “friendly community site for digital artists and scrapbookers.” It uses a system of active participation to earn credits which can be used to download individual items for free. This is a unique system that allows users to engage in a meaningful way with a reward. You can also become a patron where you have access to download full kits for a very small amount each month. 

The templates, papers, elements, and actions are all high-quality creations from top-notch designers. The kits are packed full and there is so much variety! I love the search function, super easy to access at the top of the home page and the left sidebar allows more narrowing of your search by item type. 

I really think the best part of Pixel Scrapper is the community. It is encouraging, affirming, and honest. There are many opportunities to engage in conversational threads where you can ask for help, look for answers and inspiration, and just have fun conversations with people who love to scrapbook too! 

This is an excellent place for beginners as well. This summer I had the chance to Zoom call with a couple of friends who want to learn to scrapbook digitally. You better believe the first place I pointed them to was Pixel Scrapper! You will find all the resources you need from tutorials to materials. Don’t be nervous! The community is kind and you will be thrilled with the results of your memory making endeavors. 

 Hope to see you soon over at Pixel Scrapper!

Scrapbooking: September 28-October 4

The first Saturday of October was Digital Scrapbook Day!!! There were lots of fun celebrations all around internet-land. I really didn’t get to participate much as we had a full day of work at our church mulching and afternoon preparing to celebrate Grace’s birthday on Sunday. I did get a little bit of scrapping in throughout the week and that day though!

Preserving Memories: September 20-26

One of my goals for this fall is to get back to regularly working on scrapbooking our family’s memories. Now that I feel like I have a better handle on our new schedule I’m attempting to meet this goal! I am thrilled to have 3 layouts finished this week! I want to set a goal of 5 per week or 3 layouts and some preservation of older family photos.

These are layouts from February 2020

Preserving Memories: July 1-7

I had visions of enormous amounts of scrapbooking this summer! That hasn’t exactly happened. But I’m catching up on other things so hopefully I will have more time in the coming days and weeks to do so! When I can focus without distraction, I can usually knock out 1-2 pages in about an hour. I’ve not had that time for scrapbooking, but have been able to finish many other things and also am working on scanning in old photos and slides for our family. So I’m being productive with my memory keeping even if the scrapping is slow!
Here is my one page for the week…
Kit: Believe in Magic: Galaxy Wars and Galactic Wars by Amber Shaw and Studio Flergs 
(Retired, but re-releasing in a new format)

Preserving Memories: Part of a Community

The digital scrapbooking community is pretty tight. It’s kind of strange because most of our friendships are virtual, but still very real. I’m on the Creative Teams of 3 designers, Miss Fish Templates, Mags Graphics, and Libby Pratchett Designs. I’m also on the Sugar Cookie team in the Gingerscraps forum. While I have never met these ladies in person we have built relationships that are very real. I’m not as active in other store forums, but the community definitely extends in and out and through all the various stores and forums. Today many of us in this community are grieving the loss of a beloved designer, her husband, and son who died tragically yesterday. She was an incredible designer, but that is the extent of my knowledge of her. I’m learning now just what a great friend she was and how many lives she touched through digital scrapbooking.

I’ve been pondering why this community is just so close. There are a lot of forums and spaces out there where people connect, but there is a very different feeling among this crew unlike any other. I believe the reason for this is two-fold. First, all of the forums enforce kindness policies. It is expected that we will treat one another with respect and follow the rule of Thumper’s Mother. “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The second reason is because through out scrapbooking and posting of our layouts, we are sharing a bit of our lives with each other. Where there is vulnerability and sharing the stories of our lives, there is community. And so, while I did not know Amber Shaw, I grieve with my little community.
 In the spirit of sharing and building community, here are some layouts I have completed recently…
 Kit: We the People by Libby Pritchett (retired)

Kit: Vintage Summer by Robyn Pali (retired) 

Template: Freebie from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs

Preserving Memories: April 15-20

This is my very busy time of year. I’m wrapping up the English class I teach including grading several projects and a major test, then calculating my student’s semester grades. I’m also preparing for my piano recital and I have 27 students participating this year! I also have several projects on my plate and don’t have as much free time for scrapbooking. Here are the few layouts had time to make. Expect lots of scrapping this summer while I’m on break from my jobs!

Template: Freebie from Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

Preserving Memories: Week of April 1st

My husband was my hero once again this week! We have been having pretty major wifi issues recently. This has made scrapbooking difficult for me because I store all of my materials on a wireless hard drive. I thought the slowdown was because my computer is several years old. I’m not in the market for buying a new one and so we started looking into upgrading what I have with the help of a friend from church. After a ton of research, multiple phone calls between a variety of companies, and the addition of a couple of new pieces of hardware he fixed for much much less than a new computer! As a result I’ve been scrapping to my heart’s content! 

If you follow my scrapping you may remember I was competing in Scrapping Survivor at GingerScraps. I’m glad I participated, but I now know it really isn’t my thing! I did respectably well and lasted through the first 4 rounds. The thing is, I’m not at all competitive. So while I had fun, I’m going to pass next year. It is good to try new things, and it is good to learn those new things aren’t for you!

Here are some of the layouts I’ve completed this week!

Template: Flower Frenzy Templates by Miss Fish

Kit: Sunday Mornings by Boomer Girl Designs (retired)

Template: Photo Swap Out – Rainbow Templates by Miss Fish

Kit: Big City by Chelle’s Creations (Retired)

Let’s Dance BUNDLE by MagsGraphics

Template: Freebie from Brook MaGee

Dodgeball For All BUNDLE by MagsGraphics

Preserving Memories: Week of February 11

I only have a couple of layouts to share this week. I haven’t spent much time scrapping this week. In the extra time I’ve had I’m trying to build some new habits in regards to taking care of our home and organizing. I’m also working on a writing project. These things coupled with choosing to go to bed a little early each night this week meant less time to scrap. Still, I squeezed in a couple of layouts I love!
1. This first layout is from a fun weekend getaway my husband and I enjoyed a few years ago. When he saw this layout he said, “Why am I chopping your foot?” That made me laugh because I remember taking this photo as he wiped the sand off my feet. We were on our way back home and didn’t have a towel or anything, so he told me to sit down so he could help me clean off my feet. He’s such a servant and these are the memories I cherish! 
Template: Freebie from The Fishbowl! (A Facebook fan group for Miss Fish Templates)
Head over and join the group to grab this template for yourself!

2. You saw the first page of our 2009 trip to Mt. Airy last week. This is the complimenting second page where I posted more pictures. I love using a more artistic layout paired with a pocket-style layout page for my books when I have a lot of pictures. They compliment each other well when paired side-by-side and it is fun for me to scrap both styles!

Credits: This is a mish-mash of 5-6 different kits! Most are retired. 
Magical Scraps Galore: Destinations: Road Trip
Chelle’s Creations: Heroes (Police)
Wimpy Chompers: Fast Food
Template: 365 Templates from Traci Reed