Preserving Memories: Part of a Community

The digital scrapbooking community is pretty tight. It’s kind of strange because most of our friendships are virtual, but still very real. I’m on the Creative Teams of 3 designers, Miss Fish Templates, Mags Graphics, and Libby Pratchett Designs. I’m also on the Sugar Cookie team in the Gingerscraps forum. While I have never met these ladies in person we have built relationships that are very real. I’m not as active in other store forums, but the community definitely extends in and out and through all the various stores and forums. Today many of us in this community are grieving the loss of a beloved designer, her husband, and son who died tragically yesterday. She was an incredible designer, but that is the extent of my knowledge of her. I’m learning now just what a great friend she was and how many lives she touched through digital scrapbooking.

I’ve been pondering why this community is just so close. There are a lot of forums and spaces out there where people connect, but there is a very different feeling among this crew unlike any other. I believe the reason for this is two-fold. First, all of the forums enforce kindness policies. It is expected that we will treat one another with respect and follow the rule of Thumper’s Mother. “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The second reason is because through out scrapbooking and posting of our layouts, we are sharing a bit of our lives with each other. Where there is vulnerability and sharing the stories of our lives, there is community. And so, while I did not know Amber Shaw, I grieve with my little community.
 In the spirit of sharing and building community, here are some layouts I have completed recently…
 Kit: We the People by Libby Pritchett (retired)

Kit: Vintage Summer by Robyn Pali (retired) 

Template: Freebie from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs

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