Week in Review: May 21-25

I have been in a decluttering frenzy! I’m not sure how my girls feel about it, but they are doing GREAT getting rid of things. We have made several van-full trips to church with the stuff we are getting rid of to store until we have a church yard sale to raise funds for Summer Camp 2019. I’ve also passed on quite a bit of stuff to homeschooling friends and those with little girls younger than mine. It is an INCREDIBLE feeling to let it all go. We are still doing lite school this week. Next week will be mostly a week off as my husband and I enjoy a little getaway and our first ever homeschool convention! Here are some pictures from the week…

  This is the best photo ever! I think Penny was enjoying the book as much as Rose! Rose has a goal of finishing the many abridged classics I have acquired over the years. I really like this way of introducing the girls to classic literature. 
When we do lite school we use a lot of the resources I’ve gathered but don’t always have time for in the regular parts of the year. We adore Geo Puzzles. This is Asia. We also have Europe, Africa, and the World. I love them because they are cut along the shapes of the country so they get a more tactile experience for county shapes.
Grace is continuing on with her math and doing well. She is quite independent and gets a bit frustrated when she can’t understand it on her own. She’s currently reading the Green Ember and loves it as much as her older sisters have! 

That is a little glimpse of our week! How was yours? 

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