Field Trip: Charlotte, NC

We took a day trip to Charlotte, NC to take a look at a few fun things! 
Our first stop was on the way. We located the original Cheerwine Factory! We did not realize the next day was going to be the Cheerwine Festival. There is a chance we may make a little trip again next year to participate! If you are from NC, you have probably already heard of Cheerwine. While it is beginning to travel across the country, it is a lesser known softdrink that I absolutely adore! While I typically do not care for cherry flavored treats, Cheerwine is the absolute exception. I bought a few souvenirs and we took a couple of pictures before heading on our way. 

Our next stop was The Billy Graham Library. My husband and Rose made a stop here earlier this year when they attended a basketball game and he really wanted the rest of us to experience it. It was such a neat experience and some of the memorabilia there was so much fun to see. It was interesting to learn more about his life and family and see how God used him over so many years in so many different countries. I was especially fascinated by his trips to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The girls’ favorite part was the fun talking cow we saw first thing! 

I was disappointed his childhood home was closed for renovations, but we may return so we can see that part sometime.

Our final stop was to Joe Gibbs Racing! Being a Washington Redskins fan from birth means he grew up watching Coach Gibbs. When he became involved in racing, my husband began to follow NASCAR. This was our first chance to see the facilities and even though there wasn’t much happening because of the race the following day, we had a great time! The staff who were there were so very friendly and welcoming. If we return to Charlotte I have no doubt we will make another stop here! 

We had a fun day getting away and seeing some unique places! What is the last field trip you went on?

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