Week in Review: May 14-18 (Off Routine)

This past week has been catch up for me! I came down sick with a pretty awful cold right before my recital last week and ended up spending much of that week recovering. We had made plans to take a day-trip to Charlotte, NC, but since I wasn’t feel my best we postponed it until this week. Monday-Thursday we did light school meaning we didn’t do all of our HOD studies. We also spent massive amounts of time reorganizing and cleaning out all sorts of things! It is wonderful and freeing! Our schoolroom has undergone another make-over. Here are the results…

The girls desks are now facing our beautiful front window. They don’t do a lot of work there, but they are all three excited for this new view! The desk is one our church was getting rid of. When no one wanted to take it I started brain storming just how I could make that happen. I adore having a desk that is big and open. My husband does too. He likes doing our bills here rather than the kitchen table now. 
Here are some other happenings from the week…

 Last year we planed cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers in these beds. We had hardly anything produce except cucumbers. It’s really too shaded for those particular plants, so this year I tried peas, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and corn. Wow! These plants LOVE this part of our yard! Behind Grace is the beginnings of my herb garden. It too is flourishing. 

In our giant clean-out I came across several things stuck on the shelf that were fun add-ons handed down to us by other families, but we had never gotten around to using! This is one of those. It teaching about map-making and reading in fun interactive way. On this page Grace learned about ocean currents and how ships have to navigate them to travel where they want. It was much harder before ships with engines! 

Beth is working through her Life of Fred here. The girls use Life of Fred several times a week as a fun supplement to our regular math lessons. It’s a great way to lighten up the tone while still teaching deep concepts. 

There is nothing quite like finding a science lesson in your own front yard! We watched as a mommy and daddy cardinal encouraged their three babies to leave the nest and then helped teach them how to fly. It was incredible! We sat on our front porch and watched for several hours. 

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