Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email: A TOS Crew Review

Kids Email  I remember when I was in Middle School and we had internet for the first time. My mom worked at a local college and they gave us access at home. It was dial up, of course, and we had one e-mail address for the family, but boy did I have fun e-mailing! I didn’t e-mail my friends because I was the only who had an address. Besides that, we just had the one for the entire household! Things have changed dramatically over the years. I had my first e-mail address that was all my own when I was in high school and getting ready to go to college. We decided to let our girls have e-mail so ythey could stay in contact with family when they were much, much younger! We used a kid e-mail program that had some email filter options, but I was excited to try a one-year subscription to Kids Email Safe Email for Kids from Kids Email. I had heard great things about this company and I was not disappointed!   Kids Email  This is essentially a subscription based e-mail system for children which allows parents to have complete control over what they send and receive as well as prevent spam and ads from unintentionally crossing their paths. My husband and I realized we need to allow access to technology so our children can learn under our watchful eye how to navigate it all. It is a scary, dangerous world out there with numerous evils attempting to prey on our precious kids. It is difficult to know the best way to walk our children through this mine field of harmful material, but we must. I love the peace of mind Kids Email gives me as a part of this. 

I am able to have a copy sent of every email they send and receive directly to my inbox. I can personally allow or deny certain addresses from having access to their e-mail. I may allow or deny internet links, images, attachments, and even bad language. These filters give me complete control over their email usage which is perfect alongside frequent discussions about internet safety. The interface is super user-friendly and fast.

So you know as a parent this is fantastic! But what do the kids think about it? 

They love it! All of us love that it is available as an app they can use on their tablets. I like that they don’t have to access the internet to email. They also have the ability to stay in closer contact with their grandparents and cousins. We generally do not allow them to e-mail those who are not in our family, but we lift that rule in special circumstances. For instance, we had a wonderful family stay with us who are serving in ministry in Jordan. They have 4 daughters in the same age range as our girls and digital communication is really the only viable option for them to stay in touch. They don’t yet have e-mail, but I would be happy to give them our girls’ addresses because of the content control I have. We also have some other friends who are serving in other parts of the country in ministry and this is a great way to stay connected with them as well.We also have a dear friend in our church who is not able to be out of her home during the day due to a rare illness. My daughters adore her and she is a wonderful mentor to them. Email is a fantastic way for them to connect with her. 

Overall I’m very pleased and recommend this for anyone looking for a subscription based e-mail program for their kids. 
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