Dinosaurs for Kids: A Moms of Master Books Review

Have you had a chance to check out the updated Master Books website? It has had an beautiful upgrade which is both aesthetically pleasing and streamlined for easy searching. I’m more excited than ever to share with you books from this publisher through the Moms of Master Books review group!

Up for review today is Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham. This is such a fun look at the life of the dinosaurs from a biblical perspective. My first impression of this book was it would be attractive to every little boy I know! Oh my how menacing this giant reptile seems! Even though I felt this was a really fun cover for boys, I wasn’t at all surprised it was quickly snatched away with gusto by my daughters.

I like how facts ranging from how dinosaurs were given their names, to what did dinosaurs eat, to how to we reconcile dinosaurs with our understanding of Scripture are covered in a kid-friendly, but very honest way. The visually stunning paintings give beautiful renderings of the many varieties of dinosaurs which are similar to others I have seen in museums and books.

My girls enjoyed reading this together and by themselves. We looked at some of the sections together, but whenever I wanted to pick this up to look at again together, we had to go on a search around the house because it had inevitably been taken somewhere else to read during their afternoon quiet time.

During this particular reading the girls were studying about the different names of the dinosaurs and how to pronounce them. They would practice pronouncing each name and try to remember what it meant. Their pronunciations are fairly good since they are fans of the kids PBS show about dinosaurs. Even though this show has an evolutionary perspective, I do not have a problem with my girls watching it because they are very much aware of evolutionary theory and thinking. We talk about it a lot. I’m not afraid for my girls to learn about this alongside of Creation because I have the Word of God as my foundation. This is why I am so grateful for the resources from Master Books. They help me show why we believe in a 7-day Creation and how to balance it with what secular sources teach.
We love visiting science centers and museums. I am always excited to share these experiences with my daughters. We openly discuss the information provided deciding which parts can be known as fact from observation and which are assumptions based on evolution. My girls are quite knowledgeable of these things because of our Master Books. They ask very good questions and I love it when they ask things like, “How do we know that?” Sometimes the answer is because the Bible tells us, sometimes the answer is because we can observe it, and sometimes it is simply a guess based on what we know from the Bible and observations. Being honest with them about what we can know and what we can’t know for certain helps them in making their own conclusions.

Once again Master Books has provided us with a fun resource to learn about science from the perspective they were created by God at the same time as all the other land animals. This one will be a treasure for many years to come!

Disclaimer: I was provided this book to review as part of the Moms of Master Books review program. I was not required to write a positive review. My opinions are my own. 

Explore Dinosaur National Monument from Awesome Science: Moms of Master Books Review

My girls love learning about dinosaurs! They are ages 9, 7, and 5 and we have often enjoyed a trip to our local children’s museum to see life-size sculptures and have a chance to dig for fossils. I love giving them more opportunities to learn about these incredible creatures from the past and they just devour all the information I can give them.

Awesome Science’s newest DVD, Explore Dinosaur National Monument from Master Books (an imprint of New Leaf Publishing) is a great addition to our collection of dinosaur information. It’s fun and engaging style really interests my oldest daughter especially. My younger two are not quite old enough to appreciate the great amount of scientific information provided, but they did enjoy seeing much of Dinosaur National Monument. 
Noah Justice is a dynamic communicator. My girls enjoy having a younger person explaining and teaching about history and science from a biblical perspective. I was recently asked how I expected my girls to handle learning about evolution in college when all they ever knew was Creation. I was excited to explain that my girls do know about evolution and understand both viewpoints to an extent. I’m not afraid of my girls hearing or learning about those who choose to remove God from the equation of Creation. I want them to be equipped and I want them to come to their own conclusions and beliefs because of their study of the evidence rather than try to force them to accept what I believe just because I believe it. Awesome Science just one of the items in my tool kit for teaching my girls how to incorporate the Bible into their understanding of science as well as what and why secular scientists believe and teach what they do. 
One of the best things about this DVD and others in the series is how my daughters get to experience some of the great wonders of America which they may not see anytime soon. Living on the East Coast makes traveling to some of these locations very difficult. We might one day get to travel to Utah and some of the other areas west of the Mississippi River, but until then we will enjoy learning with resources such as these. 
This incredible DVD series isn’t just for children either. I’m often saddened by just how angry and vehement those who hold an opposing view of creation react and find myself unable to have a real conversation about science because of it. I’m not afraid to share my beliefs, but I do not care to converse with someone who fires hateful responses in my direction because I believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God. I’m very grateful to have the resources from Master Books which I do to help me learn for myself how I can balance my trust in the Word of God with evidence from science. I hope to one day have meaningful conversations with some of my friends on the matter and I want to be as equipped as possible. 

The Mineral Book: A Moms of Master Books Review

It’s that time again! I love the opportunity I have to feather a wonderful resource from Master Books each month. No matter what book I get in the mail, my girls and I all get a little giddy when the package shows up on our doorstep. This month’s selection certainly didn’t disappoint!

The Mineral Book by David McQueen is the newest addition to the Wonders of Creation series. These books are of the highest quality both in content and presentation. The pictures contain such amazing detail and intrigued my girls from the first page turn. Each chapter is divided into sections for various levels of learners, so no matter what age you are teaching, your kids will be fully engaged.

I don’t know what it is about rocks, but kids are fascinated by them. My girls have had a rock collection for years. The love saving various rocks because of their shapes or colors and saving them for later. We also have quite a collection of rocks from our local science museum. With the addition of this book to our collection has become more meaningful. They want to know more about the types of rocks in their little collection. They’ve also become quite fascinated about birth stones as well.

This picture was from earlier in the month before the big freeze and snowfall. It just so happens that the science class my Beth takes at our homeschool learning center studied rocks and minerals this month. She was so excited to take in this mineral book to show her teacher and classmates. She’s also been asking me to take her picture with just about every rock she finds around our yard! She enjoys pulling out our mineral book to see if she found any precious gems. She isn’t too disappointed yet at not finding much because she is still identifying rock types.

The best part about the books in this series (and everything from Master Books and New Leaf Publishing) is the complete focus on the Creator and the infallible Word of God. I want my girls to know they can trust the Bible and scientific books such as these help them be able to defend their faith. I mentioned the science museum we have locally. We enjoy going and my girls are informed enough about what the Bible says verses what most of the world believes that they can easily tell whether or not what they read or hear there is from people who believe God is the literal Creator. We discuss both sides and I want them to know the evidence both present and why we choose to believe in a literal 6-day creation. I’m so grateful for resources like these which help me teach my girls from a biblical perspective.

Check out more about this book here!
Disclaimer: I received The Mineral Book as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way.

The Electrifying Nervous System: A Moms of Master Books Review

New Year…New Books! Yay for the first Moms of Master Books Review of the year!

Our selection for this first interview is absolutely delightful. It is truly a new treasure on our shelf. I always enjoy everything I use from Master Books because not only am I assured that the writing will be high quality and the graphics will be beautiful, I know I can trust the information presented to be God-honoring and edifying for my girls. I couldn’t wait to crack open The Electrifying Nervous System from Master Books (A division of New Leaf Publishing).

Dr. Lainna Callentine has created a fabulous resource for kids. She should know what she’s doing! Not only is she a medical doctor, she’s also a fellow homeschool mamma to her three children. I could tell as I read through the chapters that Dr. Callentine knows how to capture the interest of kids.

We don’t have formal science scheduled into our homeschool day because my daughter’s are blessed to be part of a learning center where they gather with other kids their age to study science each week. It is a wonderful experience for them and we intend to keep this path. At the same time, I want to keep as many science resources as possible on hand for my girls. They are always wanting to know how the world works and this is just one more excellent resource to add to our shelves.

One of the things I love about this book is the readability for kids. Many of the books I have keep my girls attention because of the fabulous graphics, but I often have to explain the information to them in terms they can understand because it was written for more advanced learners. This is definitely one title they can pull out themselves and glean so much information.

One of my favorite illustrations shows the different functions of the different sides of the brain. I teach piano and have been explaining to my students more about how their minds work as they play and why they have a hard time talking to me or even listening while playing their warm ups. The reason is simply that it is the right side of the brain which processes both language and music.

There is just so much packed into this wonderful book! I loved reading about this history of the study of the nervous system as well as visually seeing how the brain develops from conception through childhood. Ever wonder why you get a brain freeze? What about sleep and how it is connected to our nervous system? How are fevers connected to the nervous system? What about brain surgery? These questions and so many more are clearly and completely answered.

A curriculum guide is available and there are many more books planned for this series. I can’t wait to collect them all!

Disclaimer: I received The Electrifying Nervous System as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

44 Animals of the Bible: A Moms of Master Books Review

Do you have any animal fanatics in your house? We have three and they can’t get enough of animal stories, toys, pretend play, and visits to zoos or aquariums. The opportunity to review a book about animals in the Bible came at just the right time.

44 Animals of the Bible from Master Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing) is a fabulous resource to add to both your Bible and science collection. Every time I turned the page I was delighted with the beautiful illustrations created by Lloyd R. Hight. Nancy Johnson writes in a way which is interesting for kids to read and just delightful to study. I like how much I’m learning but also that my daughters are able to read it on their own.

There are many, many ways in which this could be used in your home. My girls love to pull books like this off the shelves and read for fun. We have quite a collection of Master Books on a low shelf (just for this reason) which is where you will find this one!

During the summer I started doing a “circle” time of sorts and each week looked at a different animal. This book is exactly what I have been looking for to incorporate into this time! It is concise enough to read in one sitting, and biblically accountable so I don’t have to re-explain why we disagree with certain facts in typical animal books. With 44 animals and our less than regular schedule this could last us for two years and then start all over again!

We recently had a chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Without a doubt the beluga whales were our favorites. Grace especially loved these majestic creatures. While the beluga whale in particular is not mentioned, whales are. Don’t freak out, but you know how we were taught about “Jonah and the Whale” as kids, and then we were told this was wrong and the Bible says fish in the original language? Well guess what! The author assured me it very well indeed could have been a whale! Doesn’t this make you feel better? It certainly did me!

I love how the information goes way beyond just the facts, but includes the biblical references and further historical information many times as to why these animals were important in biblical times or what they represented. Because of the Scripture references on each page this could also be used as a really unique family devotional, especially if you want to change things up a little bit.

This is just one more book you can add to your collection which you can trust to be biblically accurate, engaging for your children, and continue to point them back to Scripture as a source. I am never ever disappointed with the publications of Master Books!

Disclaimer: I received 44 Animals of the Bible as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

Bugs: A Moms of Master Books Review

My girls like bugs. Honestly, I’m not a bug person at all, but I have  done my best not to project my anti-bug nature onto my girls. When they aren’t around, I run from any creatures I encounter. When the girls are in my presence, I put on my courageous pants, pull out the magnifying glasses, and we have a little moment of science…then I go get my husband to take care of it!

When I received Bugs by William Zinke in the mail, I had barely opened the package when it was snatched out of my hands. My bug-loving ladies couldn’t get enough of this! They were all there huddled around it for several days and that tells me I have a winning resource!

Just like every resource from Master Books this is a book I knew would continually point them back to the Creator all while providing accurate scientific information. I appreciate these resources so very much and am grateful to have the opportunity to learn for myself about creation in a way which honors God.

My favorite part of this book is the photography. The pictures are enormous so that even the tiniest bug is presented in all its glory. Stunning images enhance the intriguing facts. I really like that lesser known creepy crawlies are featured.

My daughters have been so excited to find out these new and interesting facts. Here is what they had to say as they read…

“Oh coooooool! You have to see this!”

“EWWWW! People eat grubs!”

“Guys!!!! You HAVE to come see this bug thing!!!!”

Want to see more of what this is all bout? Check out the video trailer…

Disclaimer: I received Bugs as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

The New Astronomy Book: A Moms of Master Books Review

My monthly review for Master Books (A division of New Leaf Publishing) is really awesome this month! I mean, they’re always awesome, but we’re really excited about this one because my girls are all about astronomy. I feel so very blessed to have these resources. I know I say this a lot, but seriously I love re-learning science with my daughters.

The New Astronomy Book by Danny R. Faulkner is just stunning. We had the original Astronomy book, which we loved, but this new, updated version has really upped its game! The pictures are even more vivid and detailed than the original. Even if you have the original, getting this updated version is not merely a replacement. It is just adding more to your science and astronomy library.

Like with all the other Wonders of Creation titles (which I highly recommend!) you can trust this book will point you both to scientifically accurate information as well as biblical accuracy. Every time I open up one of these books I am once again grateful for the opportunity to study science with the foundation of biblical truth.

One of the new features I really like of this book is the inclusion of technology. Kids these days are so consumed with technology that they may be hesitant to open a book before searching the internet. In this culture books need to be dynamic and engaging. Each chapter contains not only stunning photographs but also fun technology graphics that don’t feel cheesy. My oldest daughter especially really likes this feature and has enjoyed perusing the book, cover-to-cover. She hasn’t read the entire thing, but it has once again ignited her interest in the heavens above.

We enjoyed viewing the stars last winter when it started to get dark earlier and my girls have been asking about when we get to do this again. My middle girl has become quite fascinated with the moon as well and takes great pleasure in telling us if we’re viewing a waning or waxing crescent. What fun to have high-quality resources at their finger tips to fuel their curiosities!

I personally enjoy reading the books in this series so I know how to answer their numerous questions. The detail and clearly written information make this user-friendly for science lovers of any age. You won’t be disappointed in adding this title to your library.

Disclaimer: I received The New Astronomy Book as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

The Universe: Moms of Master Books Review

Another title for you from the Moms of Master Books! This month we’re reviewing the newest title in the series Investigate the Possibilities from Master Books (and imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group). This is a wonderful series. For all you PBS fans you’ll find this has the feeling of Sid the Science Kid. Lots of investigation and exploration for the child and opportunity to record their findings in their own journal. What I’ve seen of this series makes me want to see more!

My girls are infatuated with all things space-related, especially Rose. She has so many questions…How far away are the stars? Why can we only see the moon at night? Can we see the planets? This Universe: From Comets to Constellations will go a long way in answering her many, many inquiries! The 20 investigations cover all areas of the universe from a biblical perspective which merges observation science with the truth of Scripture. Just like every other title from Master Books I know I can trust both the scientific evidence and biblical perspective to point us to truth and understanding of the world around us.

It saddens me to hear to volatile hatred expressed towards anyone who believes in an inerrant Word of God. The anger and disdain shown towards anyone who dares to express the view that there is a divine Creator rather than random chance does not make sense to me. Why can there not be respectful disagreement and discussion in this area? It seems that the current tone of discussion will allow neither, yet I want my girls to be very aware of the views which oppose biblical creation. My reasoning is so they can not only choose for themselves what they will believe, but also be fully equipped with knowledge of why they can stand on the truth of the Word of God. This is just one more tool in my library of resources to not only answer their questions, but fuel their curiosities!

Okay, so enough about why I’m loving this book! Let me get down to the details. Each investigation has an introductory story followed by a simple experiment which uses around the house kinds of items to help better understand properties and concepts about astronomy. Following this is a deeper explanation of the history and observational science used to piece together our understanding of the universe. Included in this area are full explanations of opposing viewpoints on evolution and why they are believed by those who do not follow Scripture, but also why we can trust God’s Word as true. Finally is explanation of how the experiments and activities connect for a full appreciation of the ideas presented. The final portion gives both comprehension and discussion questions as well as opportunity to further explore more deeply into the subject.

The girls really liked looking at the beautiful color pictures in each investigation. I appreciated the inclusion of history as well as observation of science. Our cat was enjoying our time checking this new book out as well.  Zoe loves it any time we hang out on the floor and let her snuggle on our books. This book is going to be a lot of fun to explore this summer!

The investigation we looked at first was observing the movement of the universe in space. Since that isn’t something we can actually do in our homeschool, we did a smaller version of it using a balloon and a sharpie. Cool! We blew balloons up just a little and dotted them with a marker. Then we deflated them to see how closely the “stars” were to each other and blew it up again to watch it expand! I didn’t tell them what to expect, but did tell them what the dots represented. The amazed smiles on their faces as we watched the “stars” expand! It was a great way to visually show them this principle. 
Also included in this series are investigation journals and teacher’s guides for each book. These are really nice additions to the set. You can feel very confident in using this for your curriculum as there are more than enough resources to guide you through. 
Disclaimer: I received The Universe as well as the teacher’s guide and students journal as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center: Field Trip

This is the first field trip I’ve blogged about in a while. We’ve been on a few, but some of the ones I had planned fell through at the last minute. We’ll hopefully get a few more in now that things have calmed down a bit with other things in our life!

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center was recommended to us by a good friend for when we visited family in Florida the next time. I’m so glad we gave it a chance! This beautiful nature preserve is tucked away in Boca Raton, FL and worth the drive no matter where you are in the South Florida area.

I have a strong desire to instill in my girls how important it is for us to be good stewards of the earth given to us by our Creator. I love how Gumbo Limbo is more than just an aquarium. They work in coordination with Florida Atlantic University and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to rehabilitate and help injured sea turtles along 5 miles of the east coast of Florida. Admission is free to the public and the volunteers are extremely knowledgeable.

In the main building there are lots of aquariums housing all sorts of reptiles in addition to the large salt-water aquarium pictured above. These were some really fun things to see.

Rose enjoyed the bird guessing wall. It may have a different name, but this is what she called it! Birds which are native to Florida are pictured along with their names on the bottom along with a button. When you push the button the correct bird lights up on the board! She really enjoyed guessing these.

We were incredibly blessed to arrive about 10 minutes before feeding time! We didn’t realize it when we got there but the nice lady at the front desk let us know we’d want to hang around for that.

Can you see the eel? There are three eels in the tank and they have to use a special contraction in order to let them eat. Otherwise the other fish will devour the little shrimp!

Next we got to see the seahorse feeding! The girls thought this was really cool because they dump a bunch of food in and the sear horses look like they vacuum up each piece with their noses!

Next came the sea turtle tanks! In these tanks are injured and baby sea turtles who are waiting to be released back into the ocean. This was probably my favorite part!

Here is one of the little babies waving to us…reminds me of Squirt from Finding Nemo!

We also very much enjoyed the butterfly trail. 
I wouldn’t begin to call myself even an amateur, but I do enjoy dallying in nature photography every once in a while. The trail and garden provide many opportunities for this. We saw many beauties fluttering around as well, but they never stayed still long enough for me to capture them. It may have had something to do with my own three little beauties flitting and dancing their way through the garden rather boisterously. 
Just outside the main building is a fun little play area with sea turtle statues. My daughters loved this part. These beautiful sculptures are available for climbing, sliding, and overall enormous amounts of fun! The girls hopped from one to the other singing, laughing, and playing. 

This was an excellent field trip for us. If you are going to be in South Florida make plans to travel up to Boca Raton for a few hours and check out this truly amazing facility with genuine, pleasant, and knowledgeable staff. You won’t be disappointed!

Awesome Science DVD’s: Review

I was soooooo very excited for the opportunity to review some of the Awesome Science videos! I’ve been eyeing these for a while, but my girls were not quite old enough to really understand them yet. My oldest, now 8, has really loved learning more of science and how it relates to the Bible, like how mountain ranges formed during the global flood and what started the ice age. We’ve also been learning about ancient cultures and religions and we have talked more about why some people do not believe God created the earth. We have always been very open in our explanations and I can do this more confidently with resources from Master Books.

The two newest titles in the Awesome Science series are Explore Rocky Mountain National Park and Explore Glacier National Park. All of the DVDs in this series aim to show how observational science and historical biblical accounts can coexist. It is important to know that no matter what evolutionary science may claim, the Bible does not contradict science. Quite the contrary, if one starts with a biblical worldview scientific evidence in fact supports the historical accounts.

So much information available regarding the geological formation of the earth either completely ignores Scripture or goes even further to say anyone who believes the biblical account of Creation is ignorant at best. I love having solid information at my fingertips to share with my girls.

Noah Justice is the articulate and energetic hosts for each episode. Most videos for kids have adults presenting information, which is fine, but Noah’s excitement is contagious and we love it! I very much appreciate the respectful way which he presents both sides of the debate, showing how much of the evolutionary belief is found to be lacking. Consistent references to Scripture and empirical scientific evidence help us to further understand explanations which make more sense than those who seek to find a way for creation apart for God.

Rose is eight and loves this series. She’s already asked to get more of the videos soon! Beth is six and while she enjoyed them, she does better if we just watch a short section. Grace is four and honestly lasted about as long as the opening music! These are excellent videos, but very much geared towards older elementary children. They very much enjoyed the bloopers of Noah, especially falling down the sand dunes! They love to laugh and really enjoyed this part.

My favorite part was that the gospel was clearly presented at the end of each video. You see, all this information is good and important, but if we are still without a relationship with Jesus, none of it really matters anyway. That is the beauty of these videos. They are not intended to be a source of ammunition we intend to volley at the opposite side. They instead seek to points us to the Creator of the universe, arming us with truth to stand against the falsehoods thrown at us daily.

Check out what my fellow Moms of Master Books had to say about these videos! 

Disclaimer: I received the Explore Rocky Mountain National Park and Explore Glacier National Park DVDs as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way.