Weekly Update: August 6-17

We had a couple of strange weeks.

We had made plans for the girls to stay with their grandparents for the week, then a stomach virus hit. We postponed the plans by a couple of days and spent the early part of the week getting well and celebrating someone turning 7 years old! We didn’t do any schooling for the younger two, but Rose desperately wanted to work on her history before she left. So we did the entire weeks worth of history in one afternoon…by her choice! We didn’t do any other work, so here are some highlights from her history activities.

And we also had some fun!

We tried some homemade bubbles with this recipe:

2 quarts water
1/3 cup dish liquid
1/3 cup corn starch
1 tsp baking powder

They were a hit!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update: August 6-17”

  1. Looks like fun school! I am going to save that bubble recipe, too. Mine go through bubble solution so fast.Thanks for linking up 🙂


  2. I made several worksheets to use with BHFHG this year too. But I didn't make a vocabulary worksheet. I love yours. I could recreate it, but wondered if you would mind sharing the file. And I would be willing to share mine, if you're interested. I made a Science Experiment page, a Science Notebooking page, a Bible verse copywork page, and….well, maybe that was it. Just thought I'd ask.


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