Benefits of an Early Start: Wiggle Room

Since I started the year in July so when I caught my daughter’s summer cold over the weekend I decided to make this week a little bit lighter. We’re already ahead of where I expected to be with our curriculum so Beth and Grace had the whole week off.

Rose had a lighter week with only grammar and math so we can keep on track with those subjects. She took her first test in grammar on Friday and did exceptionally well! The best part about grammar is I am seeing improvement in her everyday writing. She is more aware of sentence structure and thinks carefully about where to place her words. Rod and Staff grammar has me sold!

In other news, our road was repaved this week.
Talk about excited! Not only was the process completely fascinating to my three girls, they thoroughly enjoyed the new surface for bike riding!

The road workers were so kind! They all waved at the girls when they came by and seemed to enjoy their audience. Not to mention the fact that they were all Redskins fans. This made my husband happy and the men enjoyed chatting about football with him for a while.

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