Friday Art Projects: September 14

I’ve already confessed I’m not really into art projects with the girls, but I also know art is a necessary part of their education, so I’m really trying hard to be better at this! Our week is packed full and I try to keep Fridays lighter, which now is including our art projects. No matter what day the project is scheduled in our Heart of Dakota Guide, we all do them together on Friday.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all it’s one big mess, but it happens all at once and it just takes one good clean-up. Secondly the projects are very much skill-level friendly and although I know my younger daughter would enjoy some of the things my oldest is doing, they won’t really get a lot out of it. If we do it all together they are each working on their own unique project. Last, I think it’s good for them to see different skills and for them to have an opportunity to discuss what they are doing differently.

So her we are…many weeks now into homeschooling…and I’m finally getting to the art projects. Tell me what you think!

Grace: Little Hands to Heaven Unit 3
Abraham’s tent and a starry sky

Grace loved loved loved counting the stars in the Bible picture about Abraham’s decedents! The art project for the week was making a starry sky and Abraham’s tent. We had to modify…I didn’t have the supplies I needed (note to self: CHECK YOUR SUPPLIES!!!!) so she used a white crayon to make starry circles and    then painted over them with blue. She liked it. We made Abraham’s tent with a folded index card which she drew stripes on and we taped it to the starry sky. She did get a little distracted by her sisters’ projects and was slightly perturbed that she wasn’t allowed to participate in what they were doing, but she was incredibly proud of her art project and couldn’t wait to show it off to Daddy when he got home from the office!

Beth: Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 6 
Jericho brick wall with mortar and Rahab’s cord
(Pardon the hair-do. Someone gave her self a trim in the center of her bangs.)
Beth likes to do things her own way. She doesn’t typically like to follow prescribed directions, but today she did fabulous. I once again didn’t have the right supplies, but we modified and had a lot of fun! She colored all the bricks I outlined herself, then filled in the “mortar” (made of toothpaste and glue). I used an icing bag which ended up being a great choice! It took some time for her to learn to control how it came out, but it was really nice! She also liked that it smelled minty. She did not, however, remember anything about Rahab from our week’s lessons. The spies? Total recall. Rahab? Who is Rahab? So it was also a great time to review since that portion didn’t click!

Rose: Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 5 
Native American Sand Art

Rose is the real art love of the my three girls and just enjoys any way she can be creative. She very much enjoyed making sand art this week. We first colored the sand (actually salt) with colored chalk instead of food coloring as recommended (Thanks Pinterest!). Rose then made her design on a paper plate, then traced  it with watered down glue. She did a section with glue, we put the colored salt on, shook off the extra, then she did another section with a different color. Such beautiful creativity!

Conclusion: Art is a must!
I learned several things today as a result of of our art lesson. 
1. The mess isn’t so painful to clean up
2. The skills they are learning aren’t just glorified cut and paste projects
3. There is an added dimension to our learning when art is incorporated
4. We’ve really been missing out on some fun stuff!
Will the projects always go as planned? 
Of course not!
Will we have fun and learn something along the way? 
You better believe we will!

6 thoughts on “Friday Art Projects: September 14”

  1. I understand about art. Sometimes I feel the same way. While we don't always do art, if I see something that I think they will really enjoy doing, I try to make sure we get to it. This coming week is it painting, mixing colors and making a kite. Sounds fun to me and even though a little messy I think everyone can do this in their own way. Thanks for your kind comment on by blog.


  2. I'm partially intimidated by art to be honest! It's good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way about art! I feel like all my other homeschool friends are really into the art stuff. But then they often tell me I intimidate them because they feel like I get more done academically. I'm just reminded that God made us each unique and He also made us the perfect teacher for our kids 🙂


  3. Thanks for posting these fun pictures. We enjoy (most) of the projects in HOD…but, we love art at our house – mess and all! In the summer, it is always fun for us to do on the picnic table and then just hose everything and everyone off when we are done. Kiddos love it on a hot day. 🙂


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