My site has had a makeover!

So…. what do you think? I wanted something that looked a little cleaner in style and I also wanted to branch out from just our own homeschool name. I designed this background and my header so I’d appreciate your feedback.

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5 thoughts on “My site has had a makeover!”

  1. Thanks Shannon! I appreciate your specific comments 🙂 I'm so new at this and don't have extra money to pay someone to make a site for me. I'm loving the new look too!


  2. WOW, wait…you did this for free on your own??? May I ask you some specific questions on how to spruce mine up? You don't have to help me right now, but perhaps in the next few days or weeks. 🙂 My husband doesn't want me to spend the money right now (and I understand) to pretty up my blog. My blog IS my ministry right now. And I'm trying to start a non-profit in memory of my son who passed away, so any help would be a blessing! I am so impressed with what a wonderful job you did!!!


  3. Shannon you are so kind 🙂 I'd be happy to answer any questions you have as best I can. I'm really new at this and I certainly don't know a lot yet, but I'm happy to help you as much as I can! Send me a message via the little e-mail button up on the top right corner and I'll get back to you privately that way. You don't have to write any questions, just a note so I can have your address. I have visited your blog before and saw the hard season your family has been in. I'd love to help you out and I understand completely about the need to do it free 🙂


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