Weekly Review: September 24-28

Oh the sweet moment of homeschooling! Some days can be really tough…but I know I don’t have to tell anyone who homeschools that! We’ve been have a rough round with my little Grace the past few weeks, but she’s starting to calm down a bit. My older girls have been so very understanding and don’t seem to mind at all when I take a moment away from their lessons to spend some time reading with their little sister. They stay focused and on task most of the time, but I certainly don’t mind when they wander over to read with us!

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Little Hands to Heaven: Finishing Unit 5
Since Grace is settling back in to a more calm routine (translation: She’s not pitching as many fits as she was two weeks ago every time I have to tell her, “No!”) She happily listened as I read her Bible stories. Then she read them again to Piglet. These are such precious moments, I am so grateful I get to spend them with her!
She continues to enjoy her Rod and Staff books, About 3. I’m continually shocked at how well she holds her pencil and crayons, traces lines, and understands relationships between objects. This portion of her day is something she loves because she feels so grown up…just like her big sisters!

 And we of course had some letter review fun! She remembered all of her sounds and finger-play reminders…Yay! Her current favorite letter is X. She LOVES the letter X!

Little Hearts for His Glory: Unit 8
My Beth continues to amaze me and show me just how much she absorbed by sitting in on her older sister’s lessons. She is so well behaved and focused during our lesson time. She eagerly begins each day and stays so well focused. She also lets me know when she needs a break, but never complains when the break ends. I pray this wonderful attitude lasts for all of her education! (Notice the puppy in the corner? Each day this week she had a special friend join her for lesson time!)

Once again her favorite part of the day is her weekly rhyme. This week she really got a kick out of the motions for the temple building. I’m not sure what struck her as so funny, but she melted into giggles every time we got to this part! I love seeing her enjoy learning so very much. I just can’t get over how much she is maturing!

Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Unit 7

Rose continues to blossom and mature as the year goes on. She is getting used to the idea that she is older and will have more work than her younger sisters. She really enjoys history and this week told me one of her favorite parts was vocabulary and learning the new words. She’s not a big fan of copying the definition, but she likes to draw a picture of the word and use it in a sentence. She’s really excited when she can use them both in the same sentence!

Our week got a little hectic, so we missed out on some of our science, but I’m planning to make it up this week. We have a weekly class she attends where she learns science, but she loves it so much! So at least for this year we continue to study science.

This was a good week! It’s nice to finish out the week and feel like everything went as it was supposed to. Our weeks aren’t always this way, but the longer we homeschool, the more fun we have. It’s nice to feel so solidly settled in our homeschooling this year!

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