Friday Art Projects: October 19

So…I’ve been a little slack with art lately…okay, a lot slack! But we’re back at it again this week! The girls always enjoy it and I have high expectations of their projects, but today I realized what my hang-up about art is: They don’t like to listen to the directions. This really gets at me. I don’t expect their projects to be perfect and I never try to take over, but I do want them to listen. My girls are used to random art at home, not art with a purpose. So what is the cure? More regular art, right? Hopefully you’ll see an improvement on my part in this area!

Grace: Little Hands to Heaven Unit 7 ~ Moses in the Bulrushes

Beth: Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 10: Three Men in a Furnace + One

Rose: Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 9 ~ Initial Potato Prints

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