Weekly Review: November 5th-9th

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We had a lot of fun this week and continued listening to Narnia! The girls have enjoyed Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’m working on a special Christmas gift for them to fuel their Narnia craze. If all goes well I’ll post pictures of that soon!

Little Hands to Heaven: Unit 10

Grace has beautiful pencil grip! I’d love to take credit, but it’s all her. I do have to remind her to hold it lower down sometimes, but I only do that because she is frustrated that she can’t control her pencil the way she wants to. 
There were several highlights this week for Grace. She completed her first Rod and Staff About 3 Book and moved on to level B, which made her so happy. She has not been happy that I am making her go in order in these books, but they are designed to build upon one another in skills so there isn’t another way to use them. 

She also really, really, enjoyed learning about Joshua. After reading the story in her Bible we watched Josh and the Big Wall

113391: Josh and the Big Wall (reissue) DVD

Josh and the Big Wall (reissue) DVD

She went to get her Bible to match the pictures in her story with what was happening in the movie!
Her favorite activity was building and crashing the wall down! She counted to 7 as she went round and round! She wanted to clean up as soon as she finished crashing the wall! 
The highlight for me was when we reviewed. She did such a great job remembering her letters, their sounds, and the finger play we do with each one! She has changed B from “B-B-Boat” to “B-B-Baby in the basket” after our time spent with Moses. I was pleased she remembered the same beginning sounds in the words! I was also happy to see how the hand motions triggered her memory for the correct sound…just like they are supposed to. Check out the video to see Grace in all her cute glory! 
Little Hearts for His Glory: Unit 13

Since Beth is flying ahead in math I decided to go ahead and work with her on a new concept this week: greater than / less than. I drew a greater than and less than symbol on each side of an index card and drew eyes and monster teeth onto it. Then I gave her two sets of frogs in two different colors. She would place the smaller amount on point and the greater amount by the mouth of the monster. 
Beth loved doing this each day. By Thursday she insisted that the monster only liked purple and pink frogs and that he was very, very hungry! 
She also really enjoyed reading in her science text book this week. She liked finding out about snowflakes. I never knew that every snowflake had six sides. I love how I am learning alongside my girls! Beth insisted on counting the snowflake in the book just to make sure they got it right! 

Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Unit 12

I will admit that I have been pleasantly surprised at how much Rose enjoys working on her grammar. She sees it sort of like a puzzle she has to figure out. We do the majority of the lesson orally and then she has a little written work. I’ve also added in the Grammar Jingles from Shurley English. I did not care for the majority of the grammar program, but I did like the jingles! There is a song for the various parts of speech, how to build a sentence, and much more. This week we’ve been working on pronouns.
We began studying George Washington this week. One day we studied rules for dealing with others in public which he complied at age 14. She was pleased to find out that she already does 5 of the 8 and chose to work on this rule for the week: 

“Be not curious to know the affairs of others; neither approach those that speak in private.”

Rose did quite well working on this throughout the week!

We’ve also been studying vocabulary using Wordly Wise. I like the systematical approach. We typically take 2 weeks to cover a unit and there is a short quiz at the end. This week she had a review test over four units… and she got them all right! Way to go Rose!
Overall another great weak with Heart of Dakota!

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