Week in Review: January 7-11

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This week was more of the same as last since recuperating is taking longer than I imagined. I’m still taking it easy, but I’ve been able to be involved in more of the girls’ normal routines for meals and bedtime and it has been wonderful. Grace asks me multiple times a day if I’m all better yet and Beth has decided she’s going to be a nurse! This long journey has helped me appreciate many things. You can read about this on my devotional blog, Vintage Womanhood.

Rose and I started back at Deerstream Learning Center. She was glad to be back and is very excited to be learning about Canada!

I didn’t take time to take many pictures, but I did snap one which exemplifies what school has looked like the last two weeks!

We aren’t back to using our curriculum as we typically do, but have continued with math, handwriting, literature and critical thinking. 
Confession: It is difficult for me to be off routine. 
I can tend to be rather scatter brained and need structure so I can maintain order between school and home. One of the many things this season has taught me is God is in charge of my plans, not me. It is completely appropriate to make plans and prepare for the future. However there must be a balance between those plans and the understanding that at a moment’s notice those plans may have to be tossed to the side.
I’m looking forward to being back on full routine again in a few weeks, but I am doing my best to live in the moment and appreciate these less hectic days with my girls. 
I hope your week was fabulous! 

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