Week in Review: January 21-25

This was our last week of being off schedule! I’m extremely ready to get everyone back on track. Our family has been off routine for much too long. I can’t wait to start back with Heart of Dakota again next week. I’ve really missed the structure of our regular days.

Just because we’re not having our regular school doesn’t mean we aren’t learning! Rose received Word Rummy for Christmas and we had a good time playing this game! Not only did she and Beth practice their spelling and learned a few new words, Rose also practiced her addition by adding up everyone’s scores! It was good for her to feel confident in adding the scores because she is less confident in math.
To improve geography skills we played Ticket to Ride. This is currently one of our favorites! Rose really loves this game and I think it’s a great way for her to work on map skills as well as strategies on how to get the different cities to connect. 
One last game we played was Lego Creation. I’m not sure what category Lego’s fit into, but Grace really enjoyed finding matching pieces and then building the design. I have since learned this game is not available anymore to purchase and am thrilled that my in-laws found it at a yard sale! 
Before we left Florida a good friend gave us a tour of the Hollywood Fire Department! Click the picture to read all about our fabulous trip! 
Okay…so there really wasn’t anything educational about our trip to Dairy Queen, but boy was it yummy! 
Because of bad weather headed our way at home we had to cut our trip short, but when we got home we were greeted with some wintry weather. I would have loved more snow rather than ice, but the girls had a great time with our neighbors. 
Yay for a much needed break, and double yay for being back on routine next week!
Now if I can just get the house back in order from being off routine…

4 thoughts on “Week in Review: January 21-25”

  1. We are a game family 🙂 We do a lot of game playing and every year the girls get several new ones. They aren't always a hit, but this year's games have gone over incredibly well!


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