Week in Review: February 11-15

The girls were sick last week, and Mommy came down with their cold this week! We still had a good week and got through our work…mostly! We’ll be finishing up our Little Hands to Heaven and Little Hearts for His Glory units next week.

Well, it’s snowing out right now which is a big deal for me! We in the south have had a couple of mild winters and I’ve missed seeing snow! They say it isn’t going to stick much, but it sure is beautiful coming down! My girls are with my parents for the day but they should see some snow as well. It is a beautiful end to a lovely week.

Little Hands to Heaven: Unit…Umm…13ish
Okay, so when Mama gets sick thing don’t go as planned! Grace was happy playing with some of her manipulatives and we did things a little differently. We did all of our Bible readings, but didn’t manage to cover our finger-play for letter K or any of the awesome activities about David! We will definitely be revisiting Unit 13 again next week!

I’m sometimes amazed that my girls can make their own learning activities. Grace had been playing with Cookie Sheet Challenge: Volume 2 the right way…then I caught her sorting numbers into matching stacks! Who decides what the right way to learn is anyway? Of course I gushed over her and made sure she knew that her new way of playing was just wonderful!

Grace has been blessed the last few weeks to be my guinea pig for a couple of products I am reviewing. She hasn’t minded one bit!

The giveaway for Cookie Sheet: Volume 1 ends Sunday night! Don’t forget to take some time to enter. This is a fabulous manipulative for pre-readers and early readers!

We are really enjoying being part of the Review Crew! This week I reviewed a fabulous pre-k learning program, Flowering Baby, which ranges in age from birth to 5 years. You may think this is a little young, but I was incredibly impressed with the engaging ideas included for even the youngest  learners. Click the picture to see my full review and to see review from more of my Review Crewmates below!


The rest of the time Grace enjoyed writing on the white board. She’s finally getting to the point I can let her do this without fear of white-board marker getting on her clothes, the walls, or the carpet. She’s always so very serious about her work.

Little Hearts for His Glory: Unit 19…for the most part!
I’m not going to go back and add in what we missed for Beth, but I’ll admit we didn’t get to everything this week. When we have an off week I make sure we get to the basics: Reading, handwriting, and math. We did get more than just these accomplished, but not as many of the activities as we usually do.

Beth is continuing forward and worked on unit 14 in All About Spelling. If you haven’t looked into this program I would strongly encourage you look into it! The upfront cost really isn’t too bad when you remember that this is completely reusable and has a high resale value used.

Beth has also been improving her handwriting with this program and learning to write smaller since we use a wide ruled notebook. We’re working on uniform letter size as well as her willingness to let letters like j and y hang below the line! For some reason she just doesn’t like to let them do this on regular ruled paper.

Who else loves it when your child says, “Can I do my work under the table?” I love that when my sweet 5-year-old Kindergartner gets a little wiggly I can let her have the freedom she needs to move around! On this particular day she worked on quite a bit of her work on the floor!

Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Unit 20
Rose seemed to really enjoy her grammar lessons this week. We were studying about when it was appropriate to use were and was. After learning the correct use of these verbs she tried some sentences using them in correctly. She said using them this way was cowboy talk! She found this hilarious. Here are some examples…
We was going to the store to get some milk.

She were so happy to be home again!

Rose also learned how to add three digit addition in Rod and Staff. She is doing so much better with math this year. She feels much more confident and even enjoys doing math now to the point that she asks to work on that first usually. 
She finished all of the history and also was able to watch a National Geographic DVD about Lewis and Clark. We studied about them last week and the movie was very well done. It was recommended on Bigger Hearts Facebook Group and I was thrilled to find it at our library! I love connecting with other HOD moms and getting ideas from them. It’s wonderful to share our journeys together this way!
It’s still snowing and my girls are having fun at their grandparent’s house! 

4 thoughts on “Week in Review: February 11-15”

  1. My girls are all so very different and for the most part are sweet little ladies! They are typical kids though and don't always get along with one another. They all three really enjoyed the documentary. My littlest started getting a little nervous with the bear attack so I skipped ahead a little and then they were all a bit indignant!


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