Fun Activity: Soap Clouds

We had a failed activity this week. This is extremely rare with HOD activities. They usually go off without a hitch for me, but our soap making activity to go along with our story about Naaman washing in the Jordan River for healing failed miserably! Therefore we did something a little different.

We were supposed to take powdered laundry soap, a small amount of water, and form it into  soap shape. That didn’t work…probably due to the fact that I only had homemade laundry soap and not just the regular kind! So we opted to make soap clouds in the microwave!

If you try this remember: 1. You must use Ivory soap. 2. Please keep a close eye on the microwave

1. Place a piece of wax paper or a microwave safe paper towel into the bottom of the microwave. DO NOT USE FOIL!
2. Place bar of IVORY soap into the microwave
3. Set the microwave for about 2 minutes, but stand close by to keep an eye on it!

Having fun watching! I wish I could have gotten a better picture because this is really cool!

This is the end result…

It is so weird! The soap will be warm surprised me by being easy to mold in this state!

So the girls pushed it into a heart shaped silicone mold and then used it for bath time. I added a few drops of water to the top of each heart to help it set better. So even though our original project didn’t work out quite right, this was really fun! 

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