Nature Blocks from Lake Shore Learning: Review

I love giving my girls toys which are unique and promote imaginative play. I’m also rather partial to toys which are of a simple nature encouraging more ingenuity and less button pushing! Anything reminiscent of the toys of yesterday immediately draw me in. Nature Blocks from Lakeshore Learning fit all of these ideals!

As soon as I opened the package my girls nearly grabbed the box out of my hands! The box of 36 blocks are beautifully crafted and resemble trees. Their smooth texture and natural wood-grain appearance make them so attractive. My girls have played with similar blocks at our local children’s museum and remarked how they liked these better because they stacked more easily. I loved that they could easily play with these on carpet. Other building block sets we have don’t stack well on the carpet and frustrate my daughters since they don’t typically want to play in the kitchen where there is a smooth surface.

The girls enjoyed making buildings out of the pieces. As much as I love these I honestly didn’t know how long they would captivate the girls’ attention. The answer? I had to drag them away! The only problem was no one wanted to take down their creations which in turn meant no one could build anything new!

Rose enjoyed building structures for her Colonial Settler and Native American figurines. She built forests, houses, bridges, and much more over and over.

Beth liked trying to make animals. The unique shapes really allowed her imagination to run wild! She told me this was a giraffe.

Grace just liked to build anything she could! She did prefer to use the hearth for a building medium. She had an easier time stabilizing the base of her creations here.

This past week Grace wasn’t feeling well enough to focus much on her lessons. A cold, cough, and slight fever made for one cranky little girl! Typically this is a problem because she doesn’t feel like trying on her lessons but doesn’t want to miss out on learning. This week I had no problem because she spent at least 45 minutes each day playing with the Nature Blocks! For a three-year-old anything that occupies for longer than 15 minutes is a winner!

In addition to the simply fun of building, these also provided an opportunity to show Rose and Beth tree rings. The circles very clearly show tree rings and provide a nice, kid-sized, hands-on learning tool for science!

Check out these and more fun learning toys at Lakeshore Learning!
I received Nature Blocks in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. No other compensation was received

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