Friday Art Projects: April 5

So, first of all this was actually Saturday, but since it technically was still our Friday projects I’m not changing the title! And yes, the girls are in their pj’s but, no we don’t do school in our jammies (usually)! We got busy on Friday, visited our local museum and some friends came over to play outside in the warm weather, so our art projects got moved to Saturday, which also got busy! I promised the girls after taking their bath and getting ready for bed they could do their art projects.

Heart of Dakota schedules the art projects throughout the week in our guides, but I prefer to do them all at once at the end of the week. I like for each of them to have something to work on at the same time because I honestly don’t have time to let them each do every project! I like that there isn’t a competition about who’s looks better. I like that the younger girls can see what they have to look forward to. I like getting the mess over and done with all at one time. I love reviewing things we have learned earlier in the week.

Here is a preview of our three art projects. This week’s were fairly mess-free. Yay! (I’m really trying hard to be okay with messes!) One thing I love about Heart of Dakota is how everything connects. History is integrated with Bible study which is integrated with science which is integrated with story time, which is integrated with art…you get the picture!

Bigger Hearts for His Glory: Unit 27

Rose is a budding artist! She loves using any medium to create. This week she studied John Muir and his documentation of species going extinct. The art project was to choose a state shown in her history book. She chose Florida because is her birth-state. I also gave her a flashcard of the state so it was easier for her to create the state outline. I gave her yarn, some tape, helped her tape down the first piece and let her have at it! I am consistently impressed with her artistic abilities. She wasn’t as excited about drawing the extinct species, but she did a good job anyway. She also wanted to include the name Florida written in cursive.

Little Hands for His Glory: Unit 25

Beth wasn’t as excited at first about her art project. It came from a history reading about the Battle of Quebec between the British and the French. To say the least it didn’t capture her attention! The art project was creating her own flag and to make the same design on both sides. That part caught her attention. I let her look at pictures of the French and British flags so I expected her to make a similar design. Not my Beth! She made an artistic scene, then flipped it over and recreated it! I was proud of her effort and attention to detail.

Little Hands To Heaven: Unit 17

Grace jumps in wholeheartedly no matter what our project is! This week we studied about the kings of Israel, both good and bad, so she made a crown out of construction paper. I let her wear it the next day and it no longer is in tact! That’s okay though. What is the point of learning except having fun? That’s why I love documenting what we do in school with photos and blogging. Grace took a long time creating her crown. I took some time to read the stories of the kings to her again. It makes me sad to see the state Israel often fell into and sadder still to see the similarities in my own heart. I can’t help but see how God uses our studies to draw my own heart more in line with His.

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