Summer Plans 2013

I’ve mentioned before that we school year-round. I strongly urge homeschoolers to consider this option if they aren’t already doing so. The benefits are endless and I have not yet seen a downside. I do have the blessing of kids who love to learn so school-work is not a chore. We complete our Heart of Dakota Curriculum during the traditional school-year calendar, but the learning doesn’t stop when the guides take their place in storage.

I’m not going to go into detail about everything, but here are a few benefits you may want to consider.

1. Less pressure
2. Consistent scheduliing
3. More freedom during the school-year
4. Opportunity to explore own interestes
5. Time to Cover missed sections of curriculum
6. Ability to work on difficult areas

I’m sure there are more, but because I have made sure we have weekly learning happening from the time the girls were very young, this is just part of their life and they expect it.

Our summer plans are much less structured. I do continue daily math and language arts since I want those skills to stay with them during the summer break. For our summer studies here is what the girls will be doing:

All About Spelling
Prima Latin – she’s so excited to learn Latin!
Multiplication with Math Mammoth
Starting 3rd grade Math from

We’ll be continuing with 1 lesson a week, but not always do this every week and also be continuing with 2-3 dictation passages a week. Rose is so excited to learn Latin and move on to multiplication! We may do some in her 3rd grade math book simply because she wants to start. We’re currently reading about Helen Keller for a product review and she’s thrilled with it.

All About Spelling
Time with Math Mamoth
Continuing with 1st grade math, speed drills

Beth loves math so that won’t be a problem with her. She also loves to read, but typically still defers to picture books. I’m hoping to engage her with higher level reading.

Heart of Dakota: Little Hands to Heaven
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Grace is the only one of my girls continuing with our Heart of Dakota Curriculum. I’m planning to finish up this curriculum with her over the summer, but also go through it again starting in the fall. I also will be starting to teach her to read. She’s so eager to begin!

I’m so blessed that my girls want to keep learning. They crave knowledge and I want to give it to them! There will be wonderful and natural opportunities to learn just like the other day when we found this leaf bug in our backyard and there will be many field trips. Of course there will be lots of swimming, bike riding, and general outdoor living. We’ll also be reviewing a lot of other great products over the summer so keep a lookout!

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