4D Heart Model from Tedco Toys:Review and giveaway!!!!

I’ve been on the search for high-quality science manipulatives to encourage exploration and curiosity. I don’t follow a science curriculum during the school-year because my daughters are blessed to take a science class once a week starting in 1st grade. At the same time I don’t want to completely ignore science at home. Therefore I’ve been systematically collecting and searching for good things to encourage their natural curiosity for how things work.

One of the newest items I’ve come across are the 4-D Anatomy Human Anatomy Models from Tedco Toys. Their company motto is, “Where Imagination Has No Boundaries.” I love this! Our house is full of whys these days and much of it centers around science. My girls definitely do not have boundaries on their imagination and I love that the toys from this company are designed to encourage that. 
We have put together two 4-D models from Tedco Toys. The first was the human ear and the second the human heart. I say we, but I’ll be honest and tell you my husband is actually the one who put both models together with my daughter as I snapped the pictures. They come with directions and are meant to be a puzzle. The direction booklet also contains and large amount of information to engage with more learning. My oldest daughter is only 7, so putting this together on her own wouldn’t have worked. I believe older students, especially middle school and high school, would be able to manage fine on their own. 
Just upon opening the box my daughter was so excited to learn what each piece was for and how it all went together! I love how neatly arranged it is. 
My husband did say the only difficult part about following the directions was that some pieces were already put together which wasn’t always indicated on the paper. . The directions are simply pictures so there is an element of problem solving needed to figure out exactly how the pieces fit together. 
My daughter enjoyed watching and held some of the pieces for her daddy as they put the models together. She curiously asked all sorts of questions which makes it worth all the hard work!
These are our completed models. It took about 15-20 minutes for my husband to put them together completely and they turned out so beautiful! Unlike other models I have seen the pieces are easily removed for further investigation. This is a unique feature which will certainly provide hours of learning inspired by curiosity. 
I also like how the heart opens up. My youngest daughter has an extra pulmonary artery discovered a few months after her birth. While it is a fairly common and minor defect it is something we will keep an eye on as she grows and she should be aware of as she gets older. This will be an excellent tool in explaining the unique feature God has given her.
Would you like to win this beautiful heart model? Tedco Toys is generously donating one to one of my blessed readers! Enter below with the Rafflecopter form below. 

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I received the 4D heart model in exchange for my honest review from Tedco Toys. I was not required to write a positive review. No other compensation was received.

19 thoughts on “4D Heart Model from Tedco Toys:Review and giveaway!!!!”

  1. After visiting the Tedco Toys website, I have now added a few things to my wishlist from the grandparents & aunts. How could anyone be able to pick just one? But if I had to choose one, I would pick the Great White Shark model. Thanks again!


  2. I love it when we have the chance to do real-life, experiential learning…engaging with the real thing (or a model of it) is so much more memorable than looking at a diagram on paper!


  3. Being able to touch and handle the things we study is most definitely helpful – especially for the visual learners like my daughter. 🙂 These are awesome, thank you for the thorough review!


  4. My daughter is studying the human heart and is doing a project on it. This would be so beneficial to her presentation!


  5. My boys both love hands-on learning, so a model like this would be great for them. Plus, when I was a student in massage school, I found it so much easier to have 3D models to see to give a better perspective on the anatomy being discussed.


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