Indoctrination the Book: Review

My husband and I recently watched an old television show which first aired in the 1970’s. In this particular episode both parents go to see their son’s principal because they know he should not be passing his junior year of high school, yet he has all C’s. The principal tries to convince the parents this is fine because the school doesn’t have any money and the only way to get more money is to graduate a certain percentage of students on to the next grade. The principal said it should be up to their son. When he chose to go on to the next grade, they were understandable upset, but it was what he chose, so they just tried to make him feel guilty. In the end he said, “Well, I’m going to do better next year.” Laugh track starts…lights fade…
The laughing has stopped and the light of truth now exposes the glaring reality of public education through brave voices like those who wrote IndoctriNation, the companion book to the documentary by the same title. The book is written as a collection of short essays from many of the individuals featured in the film. I have not yet seen the film, but I believe this is better as a companion rather than simply read alone.

I appreciated the calm, factual way information is presented in IndoctriNation. Even the skeptic reading this should not get the sense it is written by a fringe group of conspiracy mongers. Rather the book systematically provides factual information which is lies just beneath the surface. Yes, the ideas presented here are radically opposed by the mainstream voices. Our country was founded by radical opposition.

What I agreed with…
* Schools in general are not what we are led to believe they are.
* Teachers have essentially lost all rights and free speech
* Students are not ensured emotional or physical safety in our schools
* There was an agenda when public schools were created and there still is one today which goes far beyond providing quality education.
* There is an over-drugging of students, especially boys, who are just being the way God created boys to be.

What I disagreed with…
* There is a biblical mandate to homeschool
* In general Christian schools are not much better off than public schools
* Parents who do not homeschool are not living in obedience to God

Overall I highly recommend this book, but as I mentioned is is written as a collection of essays by many authors and as such holds a variety of views. While each chapter strongly advocates homeschooling, some go further and state this is a biblical mandate. My husband, a pastor, and I discussed this extensively and we do not see this as black and white and some do. Here are our conclusions…

1. Spiritual and academic education are inherently intertwined whether we like it or not.
2. Public education does address the spiritual side of education no matter how much they deny this fact. It’s just a different spirituality than we want for our girls.

Every parent ought to be armed with this information so they can make the best decision for their child’s education. For financial reasons Christian schools are out of the reach of many. For life-circumstance situation homeschooling is out of the reach of many. It is becoming easier and easier to homeschool, but for single-parents or families with one or more parents with physical needs it can be nearly impossible.

I encourage all Christian parents to read this book and watch the documentary (we plan to soon!) whether you plan to homeschool, attend private school, or attend public school. Knowledge is our best defense against a system and environment currently doing more harm than good. The breakdown in education is so much more than low test scores, more than just school shootings, more than what the politicians want you to believe.

No laugh tracks.
No fade out.

Just reality this stark reality: There is an ungodly undercurrent behind the politics of education which no amount of Christian influence in the schools can prevent. It is up to the informed to decide what to do about it, especially those with children.

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I received IndoctriNation in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. No other compensation was received.

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