All About Spelling $50 Giveaway!

I’ve raved over All About Spelling from All About Learning Press in many of my posts. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it!

I came into homeschooling being labeled as a “poor speller” and it caused me great concern. It didn’t matter that I graduated from high school 10th in my class of 405, or that I entered college with 18 course credits from my AP classes or that I excelled in college and graduated magna cum laude with my degree in middle grades education. None of that mattered. I had been told early on in my education that I was a poor speller and I just needed to study harder. I did study. I studied a lot. Spelling was still hit or miss with me. No matter how had I tried this was my main struggle in elementary school and I dreaded the yearly spelling bees since I rarely made it past the first round just within my classroom!

What a relief when middle school came and spelling was no longer required! It was also about that time that computers were becoming more main-stream and they included spell-checker, so I basically gave up trying. Why should I try when I had basically been told I wasn’t going to ever increase my spelling ability? The irony of it all was that my reading level was much higher than most of my peers. I was told high level readers usually translated into high level spellers. So what was wrong with me?

No one ever taught me the rules. Rules? There are rules for spelling? Except for “i before e except after c (and a bunch of exceptions we don’t have a rule for)” I don’t remember learning any rules. All About Spelling has changed my entire understanding of this subject. I searched it out when my oldest, an excellent reader, was clearly not transitioning to spelling easily. Rather than giving up, I started researching. I prayed for wisdom then scoured the internet, read numerous catalogs, and asked veteran homeschooling moms their recommendation. I settled on All About Spelling and haven’t looked back!

Since then spelling has only become more and more fun! Here is an update on my two girls using All About Spelling…

Beth finished up her Kindergarten year a little over half-way through All About Spelling Level 1. I could have pushed her a little faster because she loved it and it seemed easy, but I chose to do only 1 lesson about every 2 weeks, practicing just a little bit each day. This worked well for her and I plan to up the pace a bit in the fall. She’ll continue some through the summer to guarantee retention. 
Something knew we tried and love is spelling using alphabet stamps in addition to the tiles. I try to switch ti up for fun. I always use the tiles for teaching and the first set of words we work on, but I try to switch it up some after that. 
Another unexpected benefit for Beth has been improvement in handwriting. She really wanted to use a traditional notebook like her sister and in doing so, her handwriting has started becoming more mature. What a fun transformation to see this year! 

Rose finished up 2nd grade and I am thrilled with her progress. We are about 1/4 the way through level 3 and will also continue during the summer. She used to ask me how to spell very short words she should not have a problem with, she now rarely asks how to spell anything, or tries it first and then just asks me to check it. I have also caught her making her own corrections. This is HUGE! She would frequently flip 2 letters and now she is seeing it. What a blessing All About Spelling has been for her! She especially likes finding Silent E in words and deciding which rule it follows. 
She also really enjoys using the homophones book. It is divided into grade-level appropriate practice. She has only done a few of the pages, but she now quickly recognizes homophones.
Although we do uses the tiles for teaching, Rose never uses them for spelling practice now. It is faster for her to write and since she likes that better it is fine with me! She also has improved her cursive as a result. The transition for a student from copying cursive to writing their own words can sometimes be tricky. All About Spelling has been a good medium to make this transition. We still have some work to do here, but she’s definitely well on her way! 
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292 thoughts on “All About Spelling $50 Giveaway!”

  1. Spelling is not my favorite subject to teach because of so many inconsistencies. Looking forward to using All About Reading this year for the first time. I'm interested in All About Spelling.


  2. Spelling is not my favorite subject to teach. I'm looking forward to using All About Reading this year for the first time. I would love to add All About Spelling.


  3. I thought my daughter had a pretty good handle on spelling when we finished the 2nd grade using ABeka curriculum. When we started 3rd grade, I discovered that she had apparently been memorizing her lists and was really a struggling speller. AAS has helped her improve greatly & we are now about half way thru Level 2.


  4. I haven't used a program to teach spelling. I would love to begin using All About Spelling next year! I have heard so many good things about this program!


  5. I never did teach spelling for daughters 1 and 2. None of us were really great spellers. We were avid readers, and 'got it' from remembering what words looked like, kinda. But memorizing lists of words was no different from memorizing spelling from books, and books were more fun. Girl #3 loved the stories from books, but was having a horrible time reading on her own, and writing was painful because she had no idea how to spell. The investment in the spelling program was inarguably the best investment I have made in her education. She is confident, competant, and hands-down on her way to being the best speller in the family. She has no problems remembering 'the rules' and becasue of the spelling course, she is absorbing books like never before. I can't sya enough about how much I love these!


  6. My daughter struggled with spelling until we found AAS. Teaching it is so much easier and my daughter loves it! We're starting with AAS from the beginning with daughter #2!


  7. I love All About Spelling! My older two just finished book 3, and I'm excited to start all over with my 1st grader this year as he begins book 1. I would love to win and buy the next books and materials as we continue on in this program!


  8. This year will be my first time teaching spelling to my daughter. I am nervous because I struggle with spelling and want her to be a more confident speller than me.


  9. All About Spelling is the only spelling program that has worked for my boys. They love the program too and can't wait to do their lesson each day. What a great program! Thanks for offering the giveaway!


  10. Spelling was difficult to teach until we started All About Spelling. My youngest has learning disabilities and has LOVED our time with level 1 & 2. I would LOVE to be able to buy level 3 :)Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  11. I am using All About Reading and All About Spelling with my six year old and eight year old. What a difference both of these programs have made! It would be wonderful to win this prize.


  12. I have a child with learning disabilities who struggles to spell. She definitely needs this program as spelling is not easy for her. What a great giveaway!


  13. I \”taught\” spelling in public school, and it really felt disconnected. It was just a series of seemingly arbitrary rules that were coupled with a week of practice and repetition before the test. I'm VERY much looking forward to beginning AAS with my kiddo!


  14. Teaching spelling excites me. I was also a grade A student who never learned how to spell. It came naturally to the rest of my family but I need to learn and master the rules right alongside my 2nd grader next year!Kate Dickey


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