No Longer MIA!

I’ve been rather quiet this summer. I’ve posted a bit, but not nearly what I expected. That’s what happens when life throws you curve balls. I had a partial thyroidectomy (the surgeon removed a large part of my thyroid) in July which was not expected. In May I discovered there was a very large nodule on my thyroid. It was so large in fact every doctor I spoke with was shocked that I wasn’t having any symptoms and all of my labs were normal.

The surgery went well and we are praising God that there is no cancer present. The biggest blessing was when the anesthesiologist came to check on me the next day. He asked me to sing a note, which seemed odd, but as soon as I did he smiled huge and said, “I was praying the entire time for you. I’m so happy God answered!” There is a single nerve which needs to be avoided during surgery. If it is nicked it can cause permanent hoarseness and loss of the ability to sing. I found out later that what should have been 1 nerve was actually a branch of 4 inside of me. I’m so grateful for God providing the skilled surgeon and for all the medical advances which have been made.

Recovery has been quick and I’ve been posting on my blog, but have neglected facebook a bit. I’m looking forward to getting back at it again! School starts for us Monday even though we’ve been “schooling” through the summer more or less. If you missed my earlier posts this summer here they are!

2 thoughts on “No Longer MIA!”

  1. So happy to hear you had good news! My sister had this very same thing happen to her over the winter. She had a surgery, and is doing well too. I can't wait to hear your updates!


  2. My SIL had a similar thing happen this past winter. I didn't realize it was such common problem. What a BLESSING to have an anesthesiologist who lifted you in prayer the whole time. God is good!


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