2 Weeks in Review: October 7 – October 18

We’ve had a very busy couple of weeks…our church’s fall festival, visits from the grandparents, haircuts with grandma…and school of course! We were lighter on the HOD history this past week, but planning to get back on track next week. Some weeks we just focus on math and language arts when life gets busy and that is where we’ve been. I’m still working to get my low iron up to where it needs to be which leaves me feeling tired much of the day. Not a good feeling, but we’re hanging in there!

Have you checked out the giveaway this week? Don’t miss out! This is such a great DVD and the girls have had so much fun watching it!

Grace: Little Hands to Heaven

We’ve been mostly focusing on reading and handwriting. Grace has enjoyed learning to read and finished up lesson 28 this week and is doing so very well! I’m not sure if it is from listening to her sisters or the fact that this is my third go at teaching reading, maybe a combination of both, but this time has been much easier for me. Our curriculum is no frills, but solid and works extremely well. I would highly recommend All About Reading to anyone just starting out if you have the funds, but it not, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is more than adequate.

Beth: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

Beth has been enjoying some new computer-based resources I’m reviewing for math and spelling the last few weeks on our new iPad. She does beautifully with the spelling lists and is still loving math. She has been averaging 4 words for spelling a week. I give her a pretest of 20 words to determine our words for the week. I am so pleased to see our efforts with All About Spelling paying off in big ways. She’s spelling words far beyond what is expected for 1st grade and really thinks about it as she goes along.

Math is still really easy for Beth and I hope it continues to be! She frequently wants to do more than one lesson a day. I certainly don’t mind that, especially since we had some lighter weeks.

Rose: Preparing Hearts for His Glory

Although Rose has enjoyed the slight change in routine, she misses our regular history study. We were reviewing a biography of George Washington from YWAM which has been a lot of fun for her.

She finished the first Life of Fred book, Apples, and started Butterflies this week. She’s doing so well and I love learning alongside of her! She’s learning her times tables and after working with her on her addition/subtraction facts I’m making sure we don’t move too quickly. She is doing so well and feeling successful, which is the most important thing!

Sometimes when I’m working with Grace, the girls help each other with their AAS spelling. I’ll do the teaching portion and they take turns calling out the dictation portion. They enjoy this and it helps me get through everything. I also think it’s good for Rose because she’s reviewing some of the earlier rules.

The review year for the TOS Review Crew is coming to and end and we’re very busy getting our last several reviews completed! I’ve also really enjoyed reviewing for New Leaf Publishing through Moms of Master Books as well as Booksneeze. Below are several of our most recent reviews you may have missed!

Diary of a Real Payne (children’s fiction)
God’s World News
Beloved (adult Christian fiction)
The World of Astronomy
Don’t Miss the Boat
Robert Griffin III (Biography)
Seed Sowers
Lakeshore Learning’s Roller Coaster

Hoping to be back to our regular routine next week!

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