Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns: Review

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A sewing project from last year…Yogi, Cindy, and Boo Boo Bear!

My husband and I got married two weeks after I graduated from college and my sweet man bought me a sewing machine, something I’d wanted for a while but didn’t have any clue how to use. This was obvious from the fact that it sat in a closet for several years. I finally pulled it out to give a go at sewing a plain straight curtain. My husband (who took a home economics class in junior high in the hopes of meeting girls) taught me how to use it. I got frustrated, made a curvy curtain, and into the closet it went again for a few more years. I’ve had a good friend helping me gain courage and I’ve managed a few projects for my girls. When Rose came to me during my last project and asked me to teach her to sew I panicked! I barely know what I’m doing and don’t have a clue how to teach an eight-year-old!

Enter Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns! This simple to use site was just the thing I was looking for. The How to Make Doll Clothes Video Course ($47.51 for a 1 year membership) is excellent for beginners as it teaches the most basic aspects of sewing and is easy to follow. Since the videos are online I could access them from my computer or iPad. I found it easiest to use the computer because of the larger screen. Patterns are available for 18 inch (American Girl Doll size) and 18 1/2 inch (Cabbage Patch Size) for a variety of seasons and uses. They are all very simple patterns, perfect for those just learning.

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These lessons are intended for students 8 and up (which means adults can learn too!) There are six modules intended to be used over a period of 6 weeks, but as with any course such as this you can speed up or slow the pace down as needed. Each module is broken down into smaller sections which is then divided into video segments. I much prefer this over a long video without sections because there were some things I already knew, and this way I wasn’t concerned I would miss something if I skipped ahead. In addition to the course instruction are 8 doll clothes patterns along with video instruction for each. This was great for Rose because she had the visual explanation along with someone who actually knew what they were talking about!

Rose was very interested from the start. Rosie’s gentle voice and soft Australian accent kept her captivated! She attentively stayed engrossed for each segment and was so excited to finally be learning how to sew.

I appreciated that even the most basic steps, such as pattern cutting, were fully explained in a way Rose could understand. I also appreciated that not once has Rose had to ask me what something. It isn’t that I mind answering her questions, I just know I probably wouldn’t know the answer!

Another aspect which I appreciated was the emphasis on sewing safety. It is so very important that children especially are aware the tools used for sewing can be dangerous if not handled properly. Since my other two girls were up at this time they received some much coveted iPad play time. They’ll have their chance to learn to sew when they are older.

For Rose this has been a dream come true. She was very careful to pin the fabric pieces together just the way Rosie instructed her and patiently followed every step. She asks me frequently how soon we will get to practice sewing again. This is been a real joy for us to work on together.

Whether you are just beginning to sew yourself or have a child interested in learning, this is an excellent way to learn! No confusion, no pressure, and no hassle! My favorite quote was when Rosie was explaining the various tools used for sewing. When she got to the seam ripper she said no matter how experienced you are at sewing everyone makes mistakes and needs the seam ripper to help fix them. It meant to much for me to hear that because my daughter with perfectionist tendencies gets very frustrated when she gets something wrong. This one matter of fact statement put her at ease for the rest of her time with Rosie. See what my Crewmates had to say by clicking below!Photobucket

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