Waterproof Bible: Review and Giveaway!

As we focus this week on thankfulness many of us think back to the Pilgrims. Under increasing persecution these steadfast individuals made a seemingly impossible journey on ship built for trading, not passengers, during inopportune months of the year all in the name of faith freedom. It is difficult for those of us living in America nearly 400 years forward to even imagine the type of persecution which would lead them to this drastic journey. Beth and I have spent a good portion of our year studying about the Pilgrims and one thing we learned was how limited they were in what they could bring. Precious cargo space could not be filled with anything frivolous. We do know at least one Bible would have been aboard as this was considered treasure above all else.

I’m reviewing and hosting a giveaway for something I think the Pilgrims would have heartily approved for their voyage across the ocean…a Waterproof Bible! Bardin and Marsee Publishing has created this very unique publication of Scripture for the purpose of use outdoors without the fear of damage. Whether camping, hiking, hunting, or hanging out by the pool, this ensures your ability to meditate on the Word of God without fear of damaging the binding or pages. 
The girls and I have really enjoyed this Bible. I am reviewing the New King James Version which matches what the girls use for our lessons as well as in Awana. One of the concerns I have with taking school outside is damage to our books. Since Bible is core to our homeschooling day this is a huge incentive to be more mobile with our schooling. 

As soon as I showed it to Rose she asked, “So, can we test it out?” It only made sense, so we proceeded to do what seems completely insane…pour water onto the Bible. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy to do the first time. I was nervous. I believed what the company said about their product, but intentionally putting water on any book goes completely against my upbringing. However, once we tried it out, it was way too cool not to do again. Rose is very much looking forward to warmer weather so she can give it a test at the pool!

The pages feel almost rubbery rather than the stiff plastic texture I was expecting. When water was placed onto the page or cover it forms as a little pool and does not soak through. I could easily dump it into the sink and then use a towel to quickly dry the page. According to the website (along with video proof!) it can be completely immersed and will eventually dry even with no special process needed. I did not test this particular feature, but take a minute to check out the videos. It is pretty awesome to watch. 

I love their slogan: Be Inspired Anywhere. I see this particular Bible being extremely helpful for missionaries and our military who are serving in areas with little to no protection from humidity. It can be written on although the website tells you to specifically use pencil or ball-point pens. Dry highlighters may also be used. The key is using something which will not smear if it does get wet. There are also a variety of accessories available to go along with this Bible including waterproof journals and bible covers.

Something else I love is this is a family business. Bobby and Anna Bardin have a passion for seeing God’s Word taken to all corners of the earth and have a really wonderful story. They also have a lovely blog giving you a peak into their personal life. 
And now…the giveaway! I can’t wait for one of my readers to be blessed with their own copy of the Waterproof Bible. There are several ways to enter so don’t delay! 

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8 thoughts on “Waterproof Bible: Review and Giveaway!”

  1. Oh wow! Where would I take it? How about my kitchen table! My 4yo can still not be completely trusted with an open cup. He is very expressive with his hands while talking and cups have been known to go flying across the table on accident. 🙂


  2. I would use it in my house with my young kids. We have so many spills and I would feel so much better about using the bible with the kids at the table or on the coffee table


  3. Oh, I'd take it camping, and to the beach, my friend's pool… But I'd be most likely to give it to my 6 year old, who needs a real Bible, and this way I won't be quite as afraid of pages ripping, etc….


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