The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky from Master Books: Review

I never liked science very much in school. I did when I was younger, but by the time I reached middle school and high school not so much. I’ve been wondering why recently and think it may have to do with the effort I felt it was taking to sort out what was factual and what was being based on evolutionary theory. I couldn’t tell whether what I was taught was actually based on observation because of how things were worded in my science books. The only teacher I knew I could trust was my AP Biology teacher my senior year because she told us from day one she was a Christian and did not believe evolutionary theory. Now, I’m working to remedy my apathy for all things science mostly because of my science-loving daughter!

While there are several groups who publish materials which are Creation based my favorite thus far is Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing. Not only are their books educationally and scientifically sound, they take time to make sure they are beautifully published and engaging to read. I now find science interesting where I once was turned off by it. The most recent book I had the opportunity to review was the The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky. Wow! This book is jam packed with information and beautiful pictures.

I appreciate there is information for beginners as well as those more experienced. I’m certainly a beginner, but for those who already know a bit about the heavenly bodies will learn as well. The best part is that the purpose is reflected in the title. Lots of information is given, but everything relates back to observing the night sky. We know the stars are a revelation of the wonder of our Creator and understanding which is honoring to Him.

The moon one night while we were camping this summer

No matter what you are hoping to learn about astronomy, this is an excellent starting point. The moon is an excellent place for beginners to start and is fascinating for students of all ages. My girls love looking for the moon each night and have begun to realize it isn’t always in the same location. The chapter on the moon and sun explain a lot about the moon’s position and movement.

My favorite chapter so far is about the basics of using a telescope. I purchased a telescope for our homeschool over the summer and it wasn’t as easy to use as I’d anticipated! Although it was not a complicated telescope, I had no experience using one and needed some guidance. Thankfully we were all able to enjoy a beautiful view of the moon one evening when it finally stopped raining! We were also blessed that evening with an unobstructed view of the moon.

The hardest part about using a telescope is keeping it focused for all three girls! They really enjoyed looking at the moon, but I’m definitely going to be taking more time to read this chapter of the book so I can understand how to use it even better. I know there are many more ways to use this telescope and I’ve only just begun to learn! 

The pictures in this book are breathtaking…simply stunning. Even if you aren’t able to see the night sky because of bad weather, this book can give you an up-close view. In case you’re interested in photographing the evening sky there is also a wonderful chapter on this. I doubt I’ll ever be to that point, but my girls might be one day. One of their favorite past times is photography. They each have their own digital cameras. While their current cameras are nowhere near high powered enough for night-time photography, I can certainly see them studying photography more in depth as they get older. I’m sure this book will be one of the first places they’ll start.

Master Books has become a trusted source for our family and they definitely don’t disappoint with A Stargazers Guides to the Night Sky.

Disclaimer: I received The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky from Master Books in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I was not required 

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