Water & Weather from Master Books: Moms of Master Books Review!

I’m so excited each month to review a new title from Master Books. We are so blessed to have such wonderful science and history resources available to readily! This month’s title was exciting for everyone, especially my science loving eight-year-old!

The newest title in the Investigate the Possibilities series from Master Books (An imprint of New Leaf Publishing) is Water & Weather by Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves. This light-weight paperback title is jam packed with intriguing information and wonderful questions to inspire curiosity and promote investigation. I love when science is presented this way. Although this is part of a wonderful line of science curriculum, it feels less like a text book and more like a science lab as you turn each page.

Weather has been a hot topic around our house lately anyway because of our rare snow events this winter! We’ve had two good snowfalls which aloud for several days of sledding here in the South. This has prompted lots of “What makes it snow?” types of questions. My four-year-old suggested Jesus takes pieces of dirt, paints them white, and throws them down…at least she has the right idea of whom controls the weather even if her facts are a little skewed!

Each of the 20 units may be done in order or used in any particular order which is really nice. My daughter really enjoyed just reading and looking through the book for fun. I picked out a couple of experiments which had to do with clouds and rain since that was something she had been discussing with her Daddy earlier in the day. She was very excited to point out and show me the types of clouds she had observed on the way home from her homeschool science class that morning.

Each of the units has several Investigations for the students to complete to better understand the information in the text. These investigations are introduced after a brief introduction and some explanation. After the investigations is more scientific information to help explain their findings. I love how genuinely scientific this is written, but in a kids way. I remember my own science texts being rather dull and boring. This book has a much more engaging feel.

Rose loved creating clouds with shaving cream. She did an excellent job of recreating the cloud types

It didn’t take long for Rose’s little sisters to want to get in on the action! They typically don’t get excited about science until they see Big Sister having a blast with experiments and investigations! This was a great opportunity for Rose to do some teaching and show she really understood what she had learned. We pulled out our Wonders of Creation Weather Book to learn a little more. 

Our final investigation helped show the girls how clouds are formed. We put a little warm water into a clear bottle on the bottom and held an ice cube on top. It didn’t take long for “clouds” to begin building in the bottle. This showed in a very tangible way how air temperature and moisture interact together.

My favorite part about this book and all the books from Master Books is they always point my girls back to the Creator. I can give my girls anything published from this company without any hesitation. Rose always asks, “Are these books by Christians?” because I have explained to her how not all scientists believe in God or that God created the world. Her eyes always light up when I say, “Yes!” because she knows she can trust the information.

Master Books has once again hit the mark with this fabulous book which inspires hands-on learning, includes factual science, and keeps Christ as Creator the focus.

Disclaimer: I received Water & Weather as part of the Moms of Master Books Team. I was not required to give a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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