Week in Review: March 10 – April 4

It has been a few weeks since I posted a week in review. Things are going along quite well around here, but I found myself suddenly camera-less! I mentioned before that the battery casing was having issues so a conveniently placed bit of tape was doing the job. About 3 weeks ago that bit of tape had to be increased to a large amount of tape and within a couple of days even that wasn’t cutting it! My mother-in-law brought me a camera she wasn’t using anymore and I’m back in business!

I could have written a review without pictures, but I prefer to read those with pictures so I just waited. Looking back I wish I had gone ahead and written them, but I just couldn’t get the inspiration. This last week was our spring break, so I’ll start with that update!

They had a wonderful time visiting their cousins and making lots and lots of memories! Fascinating update, right? Tee hee…
The weeks prior to this were filled with academics and fun, so they were ready for the break! I’m not going to detail each unit this time, just show a few highlights with the random few pictures I was able to take with my other old camera with no flash. Boy, am I glad to have my lens back!
Grace is very close to finishing up our reading lessons. Four more and we’ll be done! Look forward to seeing an excited, “I’m finished!” photo in next week’s review. 
This picture just cracks me up! A few days before the previous picture (Yes, this is her favorite shirt!) Rose wanted to help her read the story. All was well until Grace mispronounced a word and Rose corrected her. Oh my…obviously the lesson fell apart rather quickly at this point and I stepped in to finish!
Over the last few weeks we have settled into a slightly different routine unintentionally. My girls have started doing more of the same content area at the same time. For instance, they end up all completing literature/reading at the same time. I rather enjoyed this. It was cozy having all of us in the same room reading. 

Rose is reading the original Treasure Island partly due to her love of Robert Louis Stevenson (Thank you Heart of Dakota poetry!) and partly to her love of the abridged version. I never imagined my eight-year-old would pick up this classic on her own!

Math Rider continues to be a favorite, especially as we cover gaps during our transition to Math Mammoth. I’m so happy with this curriculum and with the change overall. I feel more settled and confident with math than I have since beginning homeschooling.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you…my funny Beth is measuring Elsa and Olaf for her measurement unit…all while singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman? 

Do you see Beth’s mouth? All About Spelling really focuses on phonics in reverse which is why I love it so much. Beth frequently sounds out her spelling as she ponders the rules she has learned. She has just begun to apply the rules she is learning to her everyday writing which is relieving. I know it takes time for this to happen, but finally seeing it happen is very relieving. 

You many notice we have a formal school-room but we’re rather all over the place with our learning. Sometimes I leave with one or another for one-on-one work so we don’t disturb the others working independently, but they often wander in to find us. Sometimes my daughters ask to move about the house, which I’m fine with. They often switch chairs in the schoolroom and are happy at the kitchen table, the couch, and the floor. I love it. I absolutely love the flexibility and freedom they have and that I can provide it!

You’ll see a guest in our homeschool over the next few weeks as well! Do you remember Diego? He remains cancer-free (Yay!!!!!) and is able to attend school regularly now. He has a year-round schedule so he’s going to be hanging out with us during his spring break which lasts a total of three weeks. Be on the look out for this little cutie pie!

So there you have it…almost a month in review! 

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