Lila Rose Hair Stick Tutorial!

Ever wonder how to use those beautiful hair sticks to style your own hair? If you can put your hair into a small bun or twist you can use them! 
Then you can follow these 6 simple steps to beautiful hair! 
How to use hair sticks…
Wrap your hair in a barely loose bun in the middle or nape of your neck.
(use a pony tail holder if you need to!)
1. Push one stick up through the center with the point of the stick facing up towards the ceiling.
2. After the stick is in the bun, flip the stick around so it is point more towards the floor.
3. Push he stick down.
4. Push the second stick up through the bun just as you did the first. It can be in the same area or on the opposite side so you make an “x”. I’ve done it both ways and the “x” seems to keep my hair more secure.
5. Push it up so the stick is point towards the ceiling, then flip the stick downwards towards the floor.
6. Push the stick through to secure.
Enjoy your creative and beautiful new hair style!
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