Prayers that Changed History: A BookLook Blogger Review

I have been learning much about prayer over the last year or so. God has been teaching me so much about how to pray and what to expect when I pray. I’ve been sharing some of this with my daughters along the way and I was excited to have a chance to review a book about prayers from history. 
This book covers a wide range of well-known historical figures and will fit well with our history sequence as we study. Some of my favorite chapters were the ones with women because I have three daughters. I love showing them how God used women in history and how He wants to use them to further His Kingdom as well! I anticipate many wonderful conversations as we progress through this unique biographical collection together. 
I love that each chapter highlights the life of the individual, including their spiritual life, as well as how they specifically prayed. The wonderful part is it doesn’t end there! After the historical information is presented we are brought back to Scripture to see God’s perspective. A variety of translation are used throughout which is not a problem for us, but I know some families prefer a single translation. It would be easy enough to use your own Bible to read the passages referenced. 
After all of this, the reader is challenged to apply what they have learned from Scripture and history to their own life. The challenge includes teaching children how to pray. Most kids raised in Christian homes understand thanking and asking for things, but it is our job to train our children to pray God’s way. This is an excellent resource for that training. 
Some may take issue with some of the individuals highlighted because the whole of their lives may not be what we want to set up as heroic, but I see it as a wonderful reminder that God uses us, no matter what our past or future mistakes may be, to further His plans. God is sovereign and must acknowledge this and realize His hand upon history.
Disclosure:  I received this book free from the publisher through the® <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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