Week in Review: Ocober 5-9

Our weeks are in a nice routine now so that when we do deviate from the “normal” like last week it really isn’t a big deal and feels more like a break. The only frustrating thing for the girls this week was that their year-round school friends from across the street were on break and we kept plugging away. It was nice that their friends didn’t have homework in the afternoon and could play longer! Especially once the rain subsided. We certainly got a “wetting” as Winnie the Pooh would put it! 
Beth – 3rd Grade: Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Unit 4, 2nd half
Beth has settled into our routine with Preparing much quicker than I anticipated. She seems to take added workload a little more in stride than her older sisters. Perhaps knowing what is coming helps her in that way. The only thing she does not love doing right now is the cursive copy work. We did however manage to get through it this week with minimal sighs and no complaints. This may have been due to the fact that she lost certain screen-time privileges for pulling out her complaints the week prior. 
When it comes to whining and complaining I take the timeless advice of Barney Fife…
Beth really loves her history projects. I’m doing much, much better this year about making sure they happen but it is easier that she is taking two weeks for each unit. We’ll see if I continue to do this well once we move to full-speed! 
Grace – Kindergarten: Little Hearts for His Glory: Unit 27
Grace loves studying her Bible verses out of her “real” Bible as she loves to call it. She can read them on her own and seems to feel very grown up as she studies in another room and comes back to recite to me. We talk about what the verses mean, but she needs much less help from me. While it is a little bitter sweet sometimes I love that she, and her sisters, are becoming independent learners. I’m facilitating the process, but they are understanding how to discover and discern for themselves which is really what my purpose is. 
History is so much fun with this little sweetheart. She has such a passion and excitement for life! We spent some time learning about George Washington these last couple of weeks and she is very much anticipating our visit to Washington DC very soon which will include a visit to Mt. Vernon. 
A couple of years ago we were gifted a set of Handwriting Without Tears. While it isn’t the program I recommend most often (I really like Fundanoodle handwriting!) I can’t complain about free! She does tend to rush a lot when she writes and we are working mostly on taking time to do the best she can. I tell her, and her sisters, quite often that I do not expect perfection, but I do expect their best effort. 
Rose – 5th grade: Creation to Christ: Unit 21
When we started Write With the Best I was a bit nervous. I kept seeing comments that people did not like it so I was a little nervous. My background as an English teacher tends to make me very, very picky about what kind of Language Arts materials we use. I can say now we absolutely love this program! Here are some of my reasons…
1. Using the model of classic literature
2. Editing practice
3. Focusing on one concept in each lesson
4. Small steps for longer lasting projects
Rose has also been excited to get back into the Draw and Write Through History books now. She loves these and her art is improving all the time. She usually uses a pencil to draw, then outlines with an erasable pen and colors with sharpie markers. The results have been really beautiful. 
The girls finish up math and language arts after their science class on Wednesdays. This was one of the first days of sunshine in the south after all that rain! They enjoyed a honey lollipop on the back porch while doing their reading. All three girls are here, but Grace is sitting on a little stool in between the older two lower on the ground. 
Great week for us! How about you! 
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