A Meaningful Advent with Adventures in Odyssey

OAC Christmas

When I was a kid I loved opening the little windows in our Advent calendars. It was exciting and special and something I looked forward to each year. We enjoy the same tradition with our three girls and this year have added a fun twist on our usual time together!

Adventures in Odyssey has put together an Advent Activity book and CD set! This set will give your family 25 Christmas episodes to enjoy throughout the Advent season as well as activities for you to do as a family. Each also includes a Scripture passage and something to discuss after listening to the episodes. 
My girls look forward to each day we do this. We are just using the devotional booklet because we can find all of the episodes on the Odyssey Adventure Club. Sometimes we listen and do the activities in the evenings, and sometimes at lunch depending on the day’s schedule. We also change up whether we listen first or work the activity based on what it all involves. 
Last night we listened to the episode Peace on Earth. While they were listening they drew a tree out of their hand print. The leaves were made from tracing their finger prints. It was a good reminder that we are all uniquely created by God to serve Him. Including the episode and the activity, this is about 30 minutes of quality family time together. We are huge fans of the show already, so this is a neat way to incorporate a new tradition into Advent.
This is Beth’s (8-years-old) hand-print tree. She actually used her finger prints to make fruit on it instead of the leaves and I love her creativity! 
If you’ve never experienced Adventure in Odyssey you should give the OAC a try. It is quality entertainment and fun for everyone in your family!
OAC Christmas

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