The Golden Braid: A Booklook Blogger Review

I discovered Melanie Dickerson’s novels about a year ago. Her creative take on the classic fairy tale has captured my imagination. This series of books are definitely one of my all-time favorite series. I’m always excited to see what is coming next and The Golden Braid did not disappoint!


This retelling of Rapunzel was very interesting as it is taking place at the same time as another of Dickerson’s novels in the series, The Princess Spy. I really liked the take on this classic story. I love how the author takes the magical out of these fairy tales and places them in reality of the time period. It feels as if the story could really have taken place.

After reading this novel I would like to go back an read The Princess Spy again with new and fresh insight. I thought the intertwining plot line was a really creative way to create the setting. I have never read another story which paralleled a second novel and I think the creativity of this was so beautiful. Even though many of the events overlapped I was never bored or left feeling like I had already read this before.

Dickerson does an excellent job of developing her characters emotionally and spiritually from start to finish. I also love that these novels follow the world of one main family throughout several generations and various relatives. The connections really bring forth the truth of God’s ultimate plan and design in all of our lives, no matter our station in life.

I very much look forward to her next novel in this series!

Disclaimer: I received The Golden Braid as part of the BookLook Bloggers review team. I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way.                                                                                             

1 thought on “The Golden Braid: A Booklook Blogger Review”

  1. I love book written about classic fairy tales. I haven't heard of this author but I'm glad that our R.E.A.D.S. (online) library has 7 of her books. I've added them to my to-be-read list. Thanks for sharing this reveiw.


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