Pitchin’ a Fit: A Book Review!

EVERY parenting book I’ve ever read has a child-centered perspective. I have a large library of parenting books from all sorts of Christian author’s, all of which I have gleaned from. I’m always interested in books which will help me parent my kids in a godly way. All of these books focused on how to get a better outcome from your child through Scripture and both traditional and creative discipline methods.

And then came along this book…

Pitchin' A Fit! 
When I picked up Pitchin’ a Fit by Israel and Brooke Wayne I wasn’t expecting what faced me when I opened the pages. I’m already familiar with the Waynes and their ministry to families through Family Renewal so I was just excited to read a book from them. I have read other books by Israel Wayne, but never any of their parenting books. 
This is the best of all the books I’ve ever read about parenting. 
Rather than being child-focused as so many parenting books are, this one is parenting focused, not to mention convicting! Rather than causing my to focus on my child’s heart, I was forced to look at my heart. Wow…that isn’t always easy. It is so much easier to look to my child and pile the blame for reactions and behavior on them.
Don’t get me wrong, this book in no way diminishes the need for obedience from children or downplay their own little sinful hearts. Instead it has helped me see how my my reactions and actions taken when in the throws of battles with my kids deeply impacts them. Do they deserve consequences and discipline? Of course! Do they deserve an emotional reaction that is over the top and unreasonable? Certainly not! 
The Waynes are very honest throughout the pages. I really like their alternating perspectives which tell so much about where they came from and not only why they desire to parent differently than our culture says, but why they want to help other families find a healthier and happier journey together. Their raw honesty is refreshing and it was much easier to search my own heart because they do not set themselves upon a pedestal of perfection as many parenting authors do unintentionally. 

I cannot recommend this book enough and it is going to be the first I tell people about now when they ask for books on parenting. After reading this I’m really interested in getting their other parenting book, Full-Time Parenting.

Disclaimer: I received Pitchin’ a Fit from Cross focused Reviews in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are my own. 

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