Week in Review: April 18-22

Another week gone by! We charged ahead with our work knowing that the weekend would bring fun with family. We took a short overnight trip to see my husband’s sister and watch their high school production of Mary Poppins which was excellent! 
Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory
Unit 10
Grace is continuing to learn about the Pilgrims. in this unit and she is doing so happily. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this part of the guide this 3rd time through. I have heard complaint that it is boring because so much time is spent on this part of history. I personally have loved it all three times. I think seeing my kids experience the meaningful activities and stories individually has made it unique each time. I also adore history and love seeing my kids come to appreciate it!
Grace finished up The Adventures of Laura and Jack, an early reader version of stories about Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She really liked this! It isn’t on the HOD emerging reader list, but I wasn’t able to get the next book from the library in time for this week. She’ll start Tornado next week!
This is my silly girl doing one of the history activities. One of the main themes for the week was waiting patiently for God. The Pilgrims waited patiently to find a good port and so we talked a bit about patience. In this activity she had to sit and wait until I told her to move forward. She giggled a lot but did a great job being patient! 
Preparing Hearts for His Glory
Unit 18 
This week Beth continued studying through Ancient History. I’m not in love with A Child’s History of the World. Being our second time through this guide I thought I might enjoy it more, but I just struggle to enjoy the way it is written. I like the older style but the perspective is hard for me to get through. I’ve kept an eye out for an alternative, but I haven’t found an age-appropriate one I am fond of yet. If anyone as a suggestion I’d be happy to hear it! 
Studying the longer Bible passages has taken some getting used to. She memorizes well, but this is a jump from previous guides and she does not care for it…at all! It is going much better though. She still can complain about it, but it’s getting easier.
Getting through the poetry writing used to be a bit challenging, but over the last couple of weeks she has really gotten creative with this assignment! I’ve enjoyed her poems and paragraphs. She does seem to prefer paragraph writing to poetry and I allow her to write what she is most comfortable with each week. 
Resurrection to Reformation
Unit 2
Rose  is very much enjoying her new guide. She loves the books for history and is really loving the Shakespeare and Art study. I have never really cared for studying either of these artistic areas, but I’m finding it to be fun as well!
Math is going along very well. We are easing through decimals. I’m so grateful I took extra time with Rose to redo the multiplication unit last year when she was struggling. This is the beauty of homeschooling. When we hit a rough patch I had the freedom to try again without having to push her into harder math concepts she wouldn’t be able to grasp. Now she is excelling and is enjoying working with numbers!
 One of our favorite parts of this new guide is the Medieval writing assignments from IEW! I have used their Teaching the Classics material, but never their writing because I have been pleased with the HOD path. I really like how much growth I’ve seen already in Rose’s writing assignments. She is working hard to be creative and expound on just basic sentences. I also appreciate that she is becoming more comfortable with editing her own work. 
There was our week! How was yours?

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