A Daring Sacrifice: A BookLook Blogger Review

Sometimes I like to read what is coming out for young adult literature in the Christian genre. This particular premis intrigued me and seemed like a promising storyline. After I began reading and felt slightly confused I found out that this is a book in a series by Jody Hedlund. I believe I would have felt more comfortable with the story if I had read the previous novel, but since I hadn’t I did my best to grasp the ideas. 
Julianna, the heroine of the story, finds unlikely romance with the one she would at first see as her enemy. Julianna, the rightful heir to the kingdom, has been in hiding for her safety, with all of the people in the kingdom assuming her dead. She has been able to hide her true identity even from the small band of thieves she unites with in order to help save the kingdom from starvation while the evil Lord Wessex does all he can to keep everything for his own purposes. 
While the relationship between Julianna and Collin was intriguing, I was concerned about the amount of physical intimacy and how it was described. Being a young adult book, it will probably be read by teen girls. As a married woman some of the intimate moments made me uncomfortable and I would not want my own daughters reading this as teenagers. If this was a secular novel I don’t know that I would have mentioned this, but being in the Christian genre it concerns me. There are many worse novels out there in this regard, but when my daughters read Christian fiction there is a level of purity and prudence which I expect. Whether or not the word sees this as realistic does not matter. I desire my girls to be led in a direction of purity of heart and I will not be giving this particular novel to them to read even when they are of the correct age. 
That being said, the story was well written, but I think parents should use caution with this particular series based on how the physical side of the romantic relationships is portrayed. 
Disclaimer: I received this title from BookLook Bloggers in return for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. I was not required to write a positive review.

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