Through the Shadows: A Net Galley Review

Through the Shadows is a tale which takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. The King family is highlighted once again in this third book of The Golden Gate Chronicles. Karen Barnett is a new author for me and I have not yet read the two previous books in this series. This book focuses on the corruption and intrigue which followed in the aftermath of the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906. 
Elizabeth King, the heroine of the novel, is seeking redemption for a sinful past. She is moved by the accounts of Donaldina Cameron who runs the Presbyterian Mission and saves young girls from the orient who are brought here to live a deplorable life. Elizabeth participates in several rescues and teaches at the mission in the hopes of erasing her guilt ridden heart. The longer she is at the mission, the more she realizes she must confront her guilty heart and allow the grace of Jesus Christ to make her clean once again. 
Circumstances surrounding the King family investments bring a young man into Elizabeth’s path. As she is trying to navigate her own remorse as well as question the truth behind claims of her father’s investments, she is drawn into a friendship with Charles McKinley. Charles must decide whether to follow his dream of litigating those who need help the most or making a name for himself in his uncle’s law firm and as a politician.
I personally find this time period intriguing as my own great-grandmother was born in 1903. I was very close to her and loved hearing stories of her childhood and early years which were rather difficult. Because of my own personal interest I very much enjoyed the historical references within the book although I think many of them would have made more sense if I had read the first two titles in this series. 
This novel is well written and interesting, but did not grab my attention quite as others have. I didn’t feel the same connection to the characters as I often do. I did enjoy it enough that I intend to read the first two books in the series when I am able.  
Disclaimer: I received this title from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. I was not required to write a positive review.

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