2 Weeks in Review: October 3-14

This year I am following a very strict 6 weeks of school, 1 week off schedule unless we have vacation week sooner than 6 weeks for some reason. Our week off was October 3-7 which coincided with Grace’s 7th birthday. My baby is 7…wow…

We have had fun doing “light school” with Life of Fred and books of the girls’ choosing. We also have been taking some fun field trips.We had a lighter week this week as well because we tagged along with my husband for District Conference with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. It was fun to get away!

The reason for this is because I noticed after about 6 weeks we all just need a break. The refreshing is so good! Little did I know that this is actually a “thing” already called Sabbath Schooling. I was explaining what we were doing to a friend and she told me they had thought about Sabbath Schooling too. My facial expression made it clear I really didn’t know what she was talking about! So I googled and found out this is a practice others follow as well with the mindset of 6 weeks of work and one of rest is a biblical practice. This isn’t why I picked the numbers. Honestly I don’t know why I picked 6 weeks and then off a week. Either way, it’s working for us! 

Here are some pictures of some fun field trips…

SC Zoo and Acquarium
Above: A field organ from the SC Military Museum
Below: Trying out different uniforms at the SC Law Enforcement Hall of Fame

Above: The world’s largest fire hydrant!
Below: SC Fire Museum

It was a really fun couple of weeks off from our regular routine filled with may learning opportunities. Next week we are back to whatever normal the week brings. At the very least we will be schooling more normally. 

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