Week of October 24-28

The start of this week was the end of my husband’s parent’s visit with us. They are from Florida so it’s  pretty big deal when they get to come and stay with us, which means school gets modified a smidgen. Often times we do our basics (English and Math) on modified weeks, but this week we stuck to history and Bible as well as their Wednesday morning science class.

Rose: Resurrection to Reformation – Unit 13 
I have no idea why, but I missed snapping a shot of Rose being her studious self this week. This is probably because she’s mostly independent in these subjects. She checks in and we discuss what she’s learning, but I’m not as hands-on in her actual learning process. It’s beautiful really. One of my main goals is to teach my girls to love learning and become independent in their learning. This is still a process, but we’re on the way. We did have to have a conversation about being careful to following all the directions and completing her notebook correctly. These are good conversations that were bound to happen and I love that I get to have them with her in a more gentle environment. 
Grace: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory – Unit 21
To keep our schedule manageable we are squishing her 5 day units into 3 days. This really isn’t that hard logistically or academically for either of us. We’re continuing through the early colonial days of America and she loves it. We don’t always follow the sequence, but we get through the units at a manageable pace and Grace makes the connections beautifully.

Grace reads a small portion of her history now. She is reading well above grade-level and this is how I start to teach independent learning. Little by little they become ready to take on a bit more. Currently Grace only reads a page or less. Eventually in the next guides we’ll move to where she is reading more and more until she is ready just like her oldest sister was.

I’m trying to do a better job of completing the science. Because the girls take a class science isn’t always the priority, but this little girl loves science and has a passion to become a nurse. Yes, I know she could change her mind, but I also want to guide her in her passions as much as possible. So I’m striving to fuel this desire.

Beth: Preparing Hearts for His Glory – Unit 29

We’ve used through 7 of the 13 guides available from Heart of Dakota. Although Preparing Hearts has been my favorite so far, it is also definitely the most challenging. The great news is I’m confident Beth will be completely ready for Creation to Chris in a few short weeks.

She’s really growing in her writing, not handwriting so much, but the content of her writing. She’s learning to write main points of her reading in her own words that are quite creative. Until this year she hasn’t really made effort in her writing beyond the minimum requirements I gave her. Now she’s creating beautifully crafted sentences and more of them than the requirements.

 So there is our week. Just the basics!

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