Peek at our Week: November 28- December 2

 Back to “full school” as the girls call our regular studies! We will have one more week and then a break from the regular for about a month. Between our Christmas celebrations, recital, vacations, and general busyness of the season I love that we can take a break this way! 
The girls were working really hard Wednesday morning to get their work done before their science class at our local homeschool learning center. On Wednesdays and Fridays we only do basics: Math, English, and Bible. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are reserved for our Heart of Dakota curriculum. 
 Grace: Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 25
Grace is enjoying learning cursive! She has been wanting to do so for a while. We are using Handwriting Without Tears mostly because it was given to us by someone who decided not to use it. I’ve used various handwriting curriculum. We loved Fundanoodle for print and this was a good transition for cursive for us. 
She is happy we are moving into more about colonial America with our history studies. She loves learning about kids from that time period. She’s also excited about our history and science activities. She also loves reading and spelling. Not to mention grammar…Okay, so you can see this little girl just loves to learn no matter what it is about! 
Grace begin cheer leading with Upwards Sports this week. It is exactly her niche and we feel comfortable with the program as opposed to some of the other cheer programs we have seen.
Beth: Preparing Hearts for His Glory Unit 33
 Beth has become so very independent! This is great as we will be very soon moving into the Creation to Christ which is very independent. We will do some work together, but most of this history will be independent with just check-ins with me. I’m so happy to see her growing this way. 
She told me today how much she loves spelling, especially All About Spelling. I’m glad to hear it, but I’m trying to rework how and when we do those lessons. It is getting harder to fit it in as they have more and more work to do. I’ll be trying to figure this out over the next weeks.
Rose: Resurrection to Reformation Unit 17
Half-way through!!!! We are using this guide for 6th grade and she is flourishing! We will probably end this before the year is over and start the next guide. Rose is getting much better about completing her work more diligently and with greater effort. I’m sure this will ebb and flow, but for now we are in a “flowing” season. Yay! 
She’s continuing to read Anne of Green Gables and seems to enjoy it. I’m in the process of creating a list of classics for her to read. Math is stable too which is a nice reprieve! She’s growing up so very much, but still very much a kid at times and that is exciting. She will begin basketball with Upwards this coming week and she cannot wait for that!
Happy December!

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