A Peek at our Week: December 5-9

This was our last week of “full school” before our Christmas break. We will have some fun learning next week, but not the full structure we normally have. 
Rose: Resurrection to Reformation Unit 18
Confession: This is not a picture from this week! Because Rose is more and more independent (which I LOVE!) and her sisters are not she often wanders to different rooms or outside when the weather is nice to get her work done. She likes to study in quiet which is hard to do with two younger sisters in need of their mommy’s help with school! Anyway, this is from a couple of weeks ago but I’m going to make a better effort after the New Year to make sure I get more pictures of her. 
She still loves this guide so much and I’m excited to be half-way through now! We were always “ahead” with her in the guides until I started having some health issues in 2012. Then we slowed down for both our sakes and now she’s tracking to finish the last high school guide in 12th grade. I’d actually like to keep moving through the summer and see if we can get a little ahead. I’m not trying to rush her, but she can handle it and I would like for the girls to finish the HOD guides by 11th grade. We’ll see how it goes. 
Grace: Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 26

This week we talked about the Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance which she practiced saying to our American flag we have in the room. We never do this so she thought it was quite funny! She does know the pledge because of AWANA so she just thought it was silly to recite in our classroom. She enjoyed learning about the national anthem and we listened to an Adventures in Odyssey through the Odyssey Adventure club about the story behind the writing of that poem. 
She was sad we will be taking a break from her guide for a little bit, but she understands we need a break. As we edge closer to Bigger Hearts for His Glory I’m praying she still enjoys school as much. That is a wonderful, wonderful guide, but it is a big jump in work-load and my older two struggled a bit to adjust. I’m hoping she dives right in with gusto as her sisters did. The easiest part will be her sisters will be in the older guides and not need me as much so I can focus in on Grace more. 
Beth: Preparing Hearts for His Glory Unit 35

Just one more unit and we will be done with my favorite guide so far in the series! Although I  know Bethe loves this guide, especially Grandpa’s Box, she is incredibly excited to move up into the next guide! She is tracking way ahead and will be starting Creation to Christ as a 4th grader. I would be happy to let her slow down, but she does everything well and loves it so much. This does give us wiggle room as we think ahead to junior high and high school. This also puts her on the track I want her older sister to get to. All three of my girls are studious and eager. I’m so grateful we homeschool because I think they may be bored in a traditional classroom at times. 
In this picture Beth is working on her writing with Writing Strands. This is absolutely the best writing program I have found and I am recommending it to everyone I know! I’ve reviewed many writing programs and while all have their good points, this one is simple and solid without taking extensive amounts of time. I’m so excited as we continue through this curriculum! 
Over the weekend…

Over the weekend we went to a drive-through nativity at a friend’s church. It was a lot of fun and we were especially excited to see our friends in the performance! I have researched more this year to find fun things to experience with the girls this season. This was definitely a highlight. 
I hope you are all enjoying the season as we prepare to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

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