Peek at Our Week: January 23-27

I’m typing this in between tissue breaks and sniffles. I can speak, but I don’t sound very good. So what were we up to this week? The girls got a lot of work done in spite of my not feeling well. It seems that in the last several years if I get a cold, I will lose my voice. I don’t know the reasons behind this, but it has been 100% true for at least the last 5 years! I don’t really feel too horrible except for severely clogged sinuses, but away my voice will fly. This time it started with a sore throat so talking was not very fun. Thanks to a wide variety of treatments including essential oils and modern medicine I am on the mend even if I don’t sound very good.
The girls were so good about it all though! I modified our schedule a bit and we took a break from our full language arts (grammar, writing, literature, & spelling) and they just read for fun. We also took a little break from math. We did stay the course with history, Bible, and poetry, basically all that makes Heart of Dakota unique and fun! I knew they could handle these studies with only a little help from me because they love them so much and are eager learners. They have also learned our routine quite well and it is no big deal if Mommy is down for a day or two…or 4! 
Rose (6th grade): Resurrection to Reformation Unit 21

 So if you look at last week’s week in review, this picture will look very familiar. Rose is cuddle up in her favorite sweatshirt under her favorite blanket in her favorite spot to read for school! The only thing missing is a little puppy, who joined her soon after I snapped this picture. She is reading Mr. Pipes here, but this is usually where she snuggles in for all of her reading assignments. 
She actually kept reading the book I had assigned for literature this week. I usually assign books but every once in a while they get to make their own pick for literature with my approval. She’s currently reading through the Epic Order of the Seven. If you haven’t heard of these books before, go look them up now! They are so very well written and engaging. I would classify them as biblical fantasy fiction. I know those first two wouldn’t normally go together, but the main characters are animals who talk and converse with one another, so that is where the fantasy comes in. FYI this is not a review endorsement. I just stumbled upon this title at our local Christian bookstore and it was a hit!
 Beth (4th grade): Creation to Christ Unit 2

Here is Beth in her preferred spot for reading for school. Snuggled under the covers in her bed. Sometimes this is the bottom bunk and sometimes the top. Beth is loving the Creation to Christ guide. I always find introducing my younger two girls to new guides. I think this reason is two-fold. The first is that I have gone through it once or twice, so I know exactly what to expect. The second is they have watched their older sister (or sisters for Grace!) travel through history the Heart of Dakota way, so they anticipate each guide. 
Beth is also fairly introverted so she likes working independently. She’s very good about coming and asking for help, but once I give it, off she goes to complete an assignment alone. She is enjoying the wonderful literature paired with this guide. I love how historical fiction draws them into the time period.
Grace (1st grade): Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 29
Grace is enjoying poetry more and more! I remember when we started this guide and she could not really understand what the poetic language was saying. Now she loves to tell me what she thinks it means before I have a chance to explain it and most often she is correct! That is the beauty of studying poetry together. It helps kids to learn to think creatively and also to interpret for themselves what is being said. I still of course help her know some of the harder things, but she generally gets the overall meaning. 
Grace is reading on a 4th or 5th grade level at this point, so she enjoyed reading her history aloud to me instead of me reading it to her! She also asked to start the 3rd book in the Chronicles of Narnia. I’m constantly amazed at the progress my children make academically and I love that I get a front row seat to it all! We have difficult things and struggles, but conquering those are all the sweeter because I’ve watched the struggle first-hand. 
So there was a little glimpse! If you look closely at this last picture you’ll notice our laundry piles waiting to be washed. Yup, we’re normal! The laundry room is in the hallway behind where Grace is standing so I often leave the sorted piles in the floor while I’m waiting to get them in the wash. Chores definitely happen in between all the schoolwork!

Comment and tell me how your week was!

2 thoughts on “Peek at Our Week: January 23-27”

  1. Your girls look so cozy! My youngest is the one who is always snuggled up with the cat or a fuzzy blanket. That is one of the best homeschool perks 🙂 My oldest sounds a little like Beth in how he approaches his work. He is not an introvert in the outside world, but he much prefers to read independently.


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