Week in Review: February 20-24

 I slacked off on the pictures again this week, but this time it was because my daughter had a make-up basketball game Monday night and then I forgot where I put my camera! Yup, that’s my life. I forget things all the time, misplace things all the time. This is my normal. Am I the only one?

We will be taking next week off from school. We school for 6 weeks and then take a break. We are all looking forward to the break! It is refreshing and has kept us from burning out over the last couple of years.

 Beth (4th grade): Creation to Christ Unit 5
 Beth was so excited to work on her history project this week! It was as simple recipe but she thoroughly enjoyed creating the honey bread and the eating it. As I’ve said before this was a smooth transition into a new guide. Preparing is such an amazing learning year and that coupled with the previous guide (Bigger Hearts for His Glory) both of my girls were eagerly ready to move up and become more independent. 
I’ve been especially impressed with her effort and success with memorizing chapter 2 of Philippians. My oldest, who memorizes very easily, did not like this part of CTC. I think she saw the length and even though she knew it would be in short amounts she felt it was too hard. Beth, on the other hand, just put her mind to it and is now a full 5 verses in. She can quite word-for-word with ease and seems to really enjoy it! Beth rarely struggles with schoolwork. Really none of my kids do, but she especially finds everything easy. It is hard to know if it is a result of being the second born and therefore she’s watched it all happen before, or if things are just easy. Either way she’s a joy to teach and finds joy in learning!
Grace (1st grade): Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory Unit 34
 You might notice a jump from unit 31 last week to unit 34 this week. What happened? Well… this little miss asked me if we could squish the end of Beyond into one week. She is eager for more work. Although she is officially in “1st grade” as far as her age is concerned, she’s working at a much higher level. She’s asking for a challenge, and I understand. This is one driven little 7-year-old when it comes to academics. She dreams of becoming a nurse and has sought out nurses in our church to ask all sorts of questions. She reads everything she gets her hands on and questions everything she doesn’t understand. How could I say no? 
Well, I did say no to squishing 3 units into a week. I said yes to skipping a few units and finishing up this week before our break. It’s a good time anyway so I can prepare for her to start Bigger. There will be some changes this time around and I’m looking forward to those! Stay tuned to see some of these in about a week!
Rose (6th grade): Resurrection to Reformation Unit 24

We are over half-way through grammar 5 of Rod and Staff Grammar. The girls learn so much with this curriculum! It’s not the flashiest, but it is so solid. Rose is learning more about diagramming and when we finish she’ll know more grammar than most high schoolers do. She’s definitely learning more than I did in class. My dad taught me most of my grammar. So here we are carrying on the tradition! 
Everything is going well in all other areas. It’s time for me to start piecing together next years curriculum. I buy the guides directly from Heart of Dakota because I like to support this small family business. I try to buy everything else used from a variety of sources. With only 10 units left it’s time again! I love this part. I know that sounds crazy, but my goal every year is to spend $300 or less and I usually do quite well! It’s all about hunting for the bargain. 
Well, that was our week. How was yours?

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