Berenstain Bears Easter Fun Sticker and Activity Book: A BookLook Blogger Review

Grace loves anything about this sweet bear family! I grew up reading their books from the library and it is fun to see my daughters enjoying them too! The recently published Sticker & Activity book series has been a huge hit with her! 
She loves the stories, mazes, stickers, games, and more! With Easter coming it was fun to have this new book for her to use. She often likes to use these when we have our afternoon quiet time after lunch. 
She tried a few different ways to color the black and white pages. We found that crayons didn’t lay down very much color, markers tended to smudge before they dried, but standard colored pencils were a perfect fit for the glossy pages! 
Grace’s favorite part of this book was the stickers. She did have some trouble pulling them off the initial page and tore a few, but she didn’t get upset by this! I believe she completed all of the sticker pages before anything else. She also enjoyed coloring once we found a good medium to use. 
There are Easter egg baskets, but the focus in this book is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! It is really exciting to have such a sweet book series which helps my daughter focus on the reason we celebrate every spring. Some of the events which are highlighted are Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the women at the tomb, and the resurrection. The bear family attends church together and celebrates Easter as a family.
I highly recommend this for early elementary or preschool children who are celebrating Easter!

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