Week in Review: April 17-21

We took a bit of a break this week from Heart of Dakota and just focused on the basics. Our week was going to be a little busy in the evenings because of Global Focus Week where we hear how God is working through our denomination and international workers around the world. I had to finish post production of the radio drama my Junior High English class creates every year. We were also excited to have my in-laws come in at the second half of the week! So as you can see, this was rather a busy week. One of the incredible blessings of homeschooling with Heart of Dakota is that when we have an “off” week my girls are still working hard, just not as hard as normal. They always keep working through their mathematics and language arts, so we stay on track with those. 
That being said, very few pictures were taken this week!
Playing Catan with Grampy and Grammy! 
Global Focus Friday evening meeting
A quick view of my radio drama editing. This is just the initial edit using Audacity. When I got through the final edit there were 10 or more layers of what you see here! 

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